The International Relations Program awards the following prizes to graduating students:

  • Book Prize for Outstanding Performance in the Study of International Relations (generally awarded to the graduating senior with the highest GPA in IR)
  • Book Prize for Outstanding Honors Thesis in International RelationsĀ (awarded to the student who submitted the best senior thesis)
  • All eligible students will be considered for each prize by the IR Faculty Committee, but the prizes may not be awarded every year.

Past Recipients


Ariel Lantz

Kelsey Elizabeth Rogers
"Remains of Genocide: The Impact of Objects in Negotiating Politically Sensitive Memorial Spaces in Rwanda"


Jialu Chen

An Thi Minh Vo
"Political Marketing in Authoritarian States: Alternative or Prelude to Democracy in Vietnam?"


Lilian Alves

Lilian Alves
"U.S.-China-Brazil Relations: The Role of Perceptions in International Relations"


Miroslava Kireva

Lydia A. Boyer
"Arms Sales, the Legislative Veto, and the American Public: An Examination of the Impact of the Legislative Veto on American Foreign Policy in the Middle East from 1974 to 1983"


Yana G. Stainova

Megan P. Chen
"U.S. National Security and the Changing Nature of Outer Space as a Strategic Asset"


Courtney A. Van Cleve

Karen E. Frost
"Social Banditry and Civil War in Judaea: Reevaluating the Judaean Revolt of AD 66"