Selecting Courses

The program offers courses at the 200 and 300 levels that are open to International Relations majors as well as to nonmajors seeking to fulfill distribution requirements. Politics 116, World Politics, is a prerequisite for most courses in the program. IR 200, Research Methods, is required of all IR majors and should be taken in the sophomore year. In addition, students take courses offered by related departments, including Economics, Geography, History, and Politics, in the focus field of their choice. Consult the IR Handbook for Students for all course requirements, and see the International Relations chapter of the catalog for course descriptions.

First-Year Students

Students interested in the IR major should begin taking the core courses during their first year:

  • One of the following: Economics 165: International and Development Economics or Economics 213: Economic Development or Economics 218: International Economics. Please note that the Economics Department requires Economics 110: Introductory Economics as a prerequisite for Economics 213 and 218.
  • One of the following: Geography 105: World Regional Geography or Geography 206: Political Geography. Students wanting to count Geog-206: Political Geography must have successfully completed A-levels or an IB in human geography and receive permission from a geography professor. 
  • One of the following: History 151: Modern and Contemporary European Civilization or History 161: British Empire and Commonwealth 
  • Politics 116: World Politics

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