Sigma Iota Rho Honor Society

Sigma Iota Rho, the national honor society for international studies, was established in 1985, and Mount Holyoke College was designated as one of its founding chapters. Since its inception, the society has tried to recognize excellence in the study of international relations and established rigorous criteria for membership. Mount Holyoke College is proud to have regularly graduated a number of students who meet these criteria.

The criteria for membership are as follows:
1. Students must have junior standing with a minimum of sixteen (16) credits in the international relations major. The major requires courses in modern history, international economics, world politics, and political geography.
2. Students must have a cumulative grade-point average of 3.40 and an average of 3.60 in the international relations major. Students must demonstrate proficiency in a modern foreign language.
3. Students should express genuine concern and interest in world issues through participation in activities related to the field of international relations.
4. Any individual of outstanding ability and achievement in the field of international relations may be elected as an honorary member. A maximum of two (2) such members from each class shall be elected each year.

For more information, see the Sigma Iota Rho website.