Mentored Research

Publications and Presentations | Research Assistants | Senior Honors Theses

International majors engage in a range of independent and collaborative research projects including publishing on their own and with faculty and completing senior honor's theses. In addition, many students gain valuable research and writing experience while serving as research assistants for faculty working on their own books and articles.


Etienne Soula and Nora Cyra ’21, "Will Greece’s New Government Resist Authoritarian Influence or Court It?" German Marshall Fund, Alliance for Securing Democracy, July 5, 2019

Anjelica Jarrett ’17, "Protest Movements Face Tough Obstacles," Op-Ed, The Berkshire Eagle, February 24, 2017

Anjelica Jarrett ’17, "Mount Holyoke Student Makes An Educated Guess About Trump Resisters," New England Public Radio, March 28, 2017

Andrew G. Reiter and Anjelica Jarrett ’17, Op-Ed, “The Left Will Fail Until It Learns from the Right,” Telegraph Herald (Dubuque, IA), February 3, 2017

Serin Houston and Charlotte Morse ’15, "The Ordinary and Extraordinary: Producing Migrant Inclusion and Exclusion in US Sanctuary Movements," Studies in Social Justice 11:1 (2017); 27-47.

Serin Houston and Olivia Lawrence-Weilmann ’17, "The Model Migrant and Multiculturalism: Analyzing Neoliberal Logics in US Sanctuary Legislation," in Migration Policy and Practice: Interventions and Solutions, edited by H. Bauder and C. Matheis, (New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan Press – Migration, Diasporas and Citizenship Series, 2015), 101-126.

Andrew G. Reiter and Karen Zamora Surian ’13, “Research Note: Transitional Justice in Higher Education: Assessing the State of the Discipline,” Transitional Justice Review 1:3 (2015): 123-132

Research Assistants

Edith Amoafoa-Smart ’19, Luciany Capra ’21, Nora Cyra ’21, Francesca Eremeeva ’20, Julia Kellerbauer ’19, Dhishana Kidambi ’19, Maryanne Magnier ’18, Sarah Painting ’20, for Brett J. Kyle and Andrew G. Reiter, Military Courts, Civil-Military Relations, and the Legal Battle for Democracy: The Politics of Military Justice (Routledge, 2021)

Lisa de Sousa Dias ’17 and Zainab Amjad ’17 for Andrew G. Reiter, “Conflict Prevention and Guarantees of Non-Recurrence,” UN-World Bank Flagship Study on Development and Conflict Prevention, Background Report on Prevention and Guarantees of Non-Recurrence, 2017

Senior Honors Theses


Nora Cyra
Creating a Common Future: Opportunities for Confidence-Building Measures in Unresolved Conflicts of the Former Soviet Union
Advisor: Andrew G. Reiter


Francesca Eremeeva
Back from the U.S.S.R.: Soviet Jewish Immigrants in a Fractured Promised Land
Advisor: Sohail Hashmi


Edith Amoafoa-Smart
Chasing Rainbows: The Insider, The Outsider and Post-Apartheid Xenophobic/Afrophobic Violence in South Africa
Advisor: Serin D. Houston


Anjelica Jarrett
Shifting Identities in the Far Right: The National Front and Golden Dawn
Advisor: Andrew G. Reiter

Zainab Amjad
The Two Faces of Civil Society: Islamists and Ahmadis in Pakistan
Advisor: Sohail Hashmi


Areeba Kamal
"We Are Strong as Men and We Cannot Be Bent": The Impact of Women's Political Activism on the Transition from British Trusteeship to Nigerian Self-Government Between 1914 and 1960
Advisors: Girma Kebedde and Kavita Datla 


Hannah Hoenstein-Flack
MUNICH: Reappraising the Munich Agreement and Repurposing the Munich Analogy
Advisor: Jeremy King

Kathryn Meyer
Kenya: Decolonization, Democracy and the Struggle for Uhuru
Advisors: Sohail Hashmi and Kavita Datla 


Jeylan Mammadova
Variations in Resistance: Responses of Oppressed Ethnic Minorities to Ethnonational Issues
Advisor: Andrew G. Reiter


Kelsey Elizabeth Rogers
Remains of Genocide: The Impact of Objects in Negotiating Politically Sensitive Memorial Spaces in Rwanda
Advisor: Andrew G. Reiter

Sara Amjad
Staging Partitions and Holocausts in the Modern Nation-State
Advisor: Kavita Datla


Ioana Liane Georgescu
Rural-Urban Migration: The Solidarity-Based Economy and Informal Governance in Dakar, Senegal
Advisor: Vincent Ferraro