President Gerald Ford, Exclusive Interview on Possible Military Intervention in the Middle East, U.S. News and World Report, November 25, 1974, p. 24

Question. You made a strong speech at the United Nations recently in which you stressed the vital interest of the industrial nations in the flow of oil at lower prices from the producing nations, and pointed out the dangers if this did not come about. Have you seen any results from that speech?

The PRESIDENT. We're working very hard to try and put the oil-consuming-nation group together, and we're making some headway. If we can achieve that and then develop a cooperative approach with the oil producers, I would hope that we could avoid certainly any increases and work toward some decreases in world oil prices. But we first have to take it step by step.

Question. As a result of that speech, there has been speculation in the press about the possibility of U.S. military involvement in the Mideast to secure our oil supplies-Libya and Kuwait being mentioned in particular. Is this a possibility?

The PRESIDENT. I know of no plan in that regard.

Question. Do you consider it irresponsible just to make such comment about military action?

The PRESIDENT. I think it's speculation that is not predicated on any plans with which I'm familiar.

Source: U.S., Congress, Committee on International Relations, Special Subcommittee on Investigations, Oil Fields as Military Objectives: A Feasibility Study, Report Prepared by the Congressional Research Service, 94th Cong., 1st sess., August 21, 1975, (Washington, DC: US Government Printing Office, 1975), p. 77

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