President Gerald Ford, Exclusive Interview on Military Intervention in the Middle East in Response to Oil Price Increases, Time Magazine, January 20, 1975, p. 21

Question. Moving to foreign policy, can you tell us more about the idea of using force in the Middle East and under what circumstances?

Answer. I stand by the view that Henry Kissinger expressed in the Business Week [interview]. Now, the word strangulation is the key word. If you read his answer to a very hypothetical question, he didn't say that force would be used to bring a price change. His language said he wouldn't rule force out if the free world or the industrialized world would be strangled. I would reaffirm my support of that position as he answered that hypothetical question.

Question. What would your definition of strangle be?

Answer. Strangulation, if you translate it into the terms of a human being, means that you are just about on your back.

Source: U.S., Congress, Committee on International Relations, Special Subcommittee on Investigations, Oil Fields as Military Objectives: A Feasibility Study, Report Prepared by the Congressional Research Service, 94th Cong., 1st sess., August 21, 1975, (Washington, DC: US Government Printing Office, 1975), p. 77

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