Press Conference with Secretary of State Henry Kissinger on the Possibilities of Going to War Over Oil Prices, January 10, 1975, State Department News Release, January 10, 1975, p. 6

Question. Mr. Secretary, Secretary of Defense Schlesinger the other day suggested that the energy crisis might produce pressures to use force to get oil. how serious do you consider the dangers of countries going to war over oil?

Answer. Well, as I understand Secretary Schlesinger, he was explaining theoretical situations that might arise if the squeeze became excessive. If I understand him correctly, he also pointed out that this point had not yet been reached. So it is hard to answer your question.

Source: U.S., Congress, Committee on International Relations, Special Subcommittee on Investigations, Oil Fields as Military Objectives: A Feasibility Study, Report Prepared by the Congressional Research Service, 94th Cong., 1st sess., August 21, 1975, (Washington, DC: US Government Printing Office, 1975), p. 79.

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