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Summer, Fall, and Spring unpaid internships available. Summer application deadline is March 31; Fall application deadline is July 31; Spring application deadline is November 31.


Several internships available; paid and unpaid.


$35 application fee.


Undergraduate and graduate.  Volunteer program.  


Spring, Summer, and Fall paid and unpaid internships.  Application deadline for summer internship is November 1; Fall deadline is March 1; Spring deadline is July 1. 


Internships, fellowships, and student programs.


Volunteer, legal internships.  Year-round.  


Unpaid spring, summer, and fall internships.


Spring, summer, and fall internships.


Paid and unpaid internships available from mid to late May until the end of August.


Law, public relations, environment, etc.  Internships are unpaid.


Fall, winter, and summer internships available.  Fall applications due Friday of first week of August; winter applications due Friday of second week in December; summer applications  due first Friday in May.

The Atlantic Council of the United States                                                    

Fall, spring, and summer internships available.  Fall term applications due June 30, 1999; Spring term applications due November 15,1999; Summer term applications due March 1, 2000.

Business Executives for National Security                                             

Fall, spring, and summer internships available.  Fall applications due July 30; Spring applications due November 30; summer applications due April 30.

1999 CIIA Youth International                                                                       

Must live in southwestern Ontario, be between the ages of 18 and 30.   Six month compensated internship.

The Carter Center Internship Program                                                       

Offers internships in prevention and resolution of conflict, control and eradication of disease, and operations.  Different deadlines for the various internships.

Henry L. Stimson Center Internship                                                          

Summer internship; deadline for application is April 25.

National Democratic Institute for International Affairs                                                                                                        

Compensated internships.

American Society of International Law                                                      

Editorial and research internships available.  Fall, spring, and summer internships.

International Fund for Agricultural Development                                 

Requires minimum of 20 hours per week during the academic year, and a full-time commitment for the summer.

United Nations Children's Fund

UN Public Outreach Fellows program                                                         

11-month program.

World Health Organization                                                                

Internships last from six weeks to three months.  Request for internship must be made at least three months in advance.  Unpaid.

Israel Policy Forum Internships                                                                  

Rolling applications, paid internship.

Fundraising and Public Relations Intern                                                  

Stipend, starts June 1.

Basic Internship Program in  Washington, D.C.                                         

Rolling applications, monthly stipend.

BASIC Internship Program in London                                                           

Rolling deadline for application; daily travel expenses and lunch stipend provided.

Korea Economic Institute of America
Summer, fall, and winter internships offered.  Application deadlines: Summer, April 15; Fall, August 15; Winter, November 15.