Midterm Exam
Politics 240
International Political Economy
Spring 2004

Please answer one of the following questions in a typed essay of no longer than 5-7 pages. This exam is open-book and open-discussion. Please be sure to cite all outside sources used, including discussions with your colleagues. The essay is due in class one week after you receive the exam.

The questions require that you take a position. Be sure to develop an argument with concrete examples and clear logic. Summaries of the lectures and class discussions are not an adequate response.

1. Freidman argues that there is a close relationship between representative democracy and market capitalism What is that relationship? Is it a necessary relationship? Does Freidman's argument exclude the possibility of a democratic socialism?

2. The dependency critique of capitalism suggests that a policy of self-reliance is the only way for poor countries to break out of the cycle of poverty. Does the process of globalization increase or decrease the possibilities for self-reliant policies?

3. Hegemonic stability theory suggests that the international system requires a single state to enforce and maintain the rules of the system. This proposition is based upon historical evidence. Has the international system changed so that a single state is no longer necessary to maintain its stability? What alternatives to a single state for system stability exist?

4. Is globalization primarily a political, economic, or a cultural phenomenon? Are these distinctions meaningful? Be sure to provide examples to illustrate the process of globalization.