Resolution 51 (1948)
On the India-Pakistan question submitted by the Representative of Syria and
adopted by the Security Council at its 312th meeting held on 3 June, 1948
(Document No. 51819, dated the 3rd June, 1948).

1. Reaffirms its resolutions 38(1948) of 17 January, 39(1948) of 20 January, and 47(1948) of 21
April, 1948;

2. Directs the United Nations Commission for India and Pakistan to proceed without delay to the
areas of dispute with a view to accomplishing in priority the duties assigned to it by the resolution 47

3. Directs the Commission further to study and report to the Security Council when it considers
appropriate on the matters raised in the letter of Foreign Minister of Pakistan, dated 15th January,
1948, in the order outlined in paragraph D of Council resolution 39 (1948).

The Security Council voted on this Resolution on 3-6-1948 with the following result:
In favour: Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, France, Syria, U.K. and U.S.A.
Against: None
Abstaining: China, Ukrainian S.S.R. and U.S.S.R.

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