Resolution 123 (1957)
Adopted by the Security Council at its 774th meeting on 21 February, 1957.
(Document No. 5/3793, dated the 21st February 1957).

Recalling its resolution 122 (1957) of 24 January 1957, its previous resolutions and the resolutions
of the United Nations Commission for India and Pakistan on the India-Pakistan question,

1. Requests the President of the Security Council, the representative of Sweden, to examine with the
Governments of India and Pakistan any proposals which, in his opinion, are likely to contribute
towards the settlement of the dispute, having regard to the previous resolutions of the Security
Council and of the United Nations Commission for India and Pakistan; to visit the sub-continent for
this purpose; and to report to the Security Council not later than 15 April 1957;

2. Invites the Governments of India and Pakistan to co-operate with him in the performance of these

3. Requests the Secretary-General and the United Nations Representative for India and Pakistan to
render such assistance as he may request.

The Security Council voted on this Resolution on 21-2-57 with the following result:
In favour: Australia, China, Colombia, Cuba, France, Iraq, Philippines, Sweden, U.K. and
Against: None
Abstaining: U.S.S.R.

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