Documents Pertinent to Middle Eastern Issues

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Mideast Web, Middle East Historical and Peace Process Source Documents

Yacov Lev, State and Society in Fatimid Egypt,E. J. Brill. Leiden. 1991 CHAPTER FOUR: THE RULING CIRCLES

Bernard Lewis. Race and Slavery in the Middle East, Oxford Univ Press 1994.

The Anglo-Russian Entente, Agreement on Persia, 1907

British Imperial Connexions to the Arab National Movement, 1912-1914; Lord Kitchener, the Emir Abdullah, Sir Louis Mallet -- the Case of Aziz Ali, 1914

The Husain-McMahon Letters (excerpt), 1915

The 27 Articles of T.E. Lawrence from The Arab Bulletin, 20 August 1917

The Balfour Declaration, November 2, 1917

Anglo-French Joint Statement on Aims in Syria and Mesopotamia, November 8, 1918

The King-Crane Commission Report, August 28, 1919

The San Remo Conference, 1922

British White Paper of June 1922 on Palestine

British White Paper of 1939 on Palestine

Report of the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry, 1946

UN General Assembly Resolution 181 (Partition Plan), November 29, 1947

The Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel, May 14, 1948

U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE 95/01/17 Foreign Relations, Vol XVII, 1961-63, Near East OFFICE OF THE HISTORIAN

Protection of Holy Places Law, June 27, 1967

The Khartoum Resolutions, September 1, 1967

UN Security Council Resolution 242, November 22, 1967

Palestinian National Charter, July 17, 1968

UN Security Council Resolution 338, October 22, 1973

Separation of Forces Agreement between Israel and Syria, May 31, 1974

US, National Security Study Memorandum No. 207, "Israeli Future Military Requirements"

UN Security Council Resolution 425, March 19, 1978

Camp David Accords, September 17, 1978

Peace Treaty Between Israel and Egypt, March 26, 1979

The Jerusalem Law, July 30, 1980

US-Israel Memorandum of Understanding on Strategic Cooperation, November 30, 1981

The Golan Heights Law, December 14, 1981

Israel's Peace Initiative, May 14, 1989

The Washington Declaration (Israel-Jordan-US), July 25, 1994

Agreement on the Preparatory Transfer of Powers and Responsibilities (Israel-PLO) August 29, 1994

Professor Bernard Reich & Major Stephen H. Gotowicki, "The United States and the Persian Gulf in the Bush Administration," United States Army, Foreign Military Studies Office, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, USA, 1991 

Map of Saudi Arabia

Center for Middle Eastern Studies, University of Texas at Austin

CNN: Middle East

Middle East Policy Council

U.S. Report on the Middle East

Iraqi History

BBC World Service--Africa and the Middle East

Miftah: The Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy

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