Glossary of Acronyms and Terms, The Pentagon Papers, Gravel Edition, Volume 4, (Boston: Beacon Press, 1971), pp. 685-687.

AAA: Antiaircraft Artillery
ACR: Armored Cavalry Regiment
ABM: Antiballistic Missile
ABN: Airborne
ADP: Automatic Data Processing
AFB: Air Force Base
AID: Agency for International Development
AIROPS: Air Operations
AM: Airmobile
AMB: Ambassador
ANG: Air National Guard
APB: Self-propelled barracks ship
ARL: Landing craft repair ship
ARVN: Army of the Republic of [South] Vietnam
ASA: U.S. Army Security Agency
ASAP: As soon as possible
ASD: Assistant Secretary of Defense
BAR: Browning automatic rifle
BDE: Brigade
BLT: Battalion Landing Team
BN: Battalion
BOB: Bureau of the Budget
B-52: U.S. heavy bomber
B-57: U.S. medium bomber
CAP: Combined Action Platoon
CAS: Saigon Office of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency
CDC: Combat Development Command
CG: Civil Guard
CHICOM: Chinese Communist
CHMAAG: Chief, Military Assistance Advisory Group
CI: Counterinsurgency
CIA: Central Intelligence Agency
CIDG: Civilian Irregular Detachment Group
CINCPAC: Commander in Chief, Pacffic
CIP: Counterinsurgency Plan
CNO VNN: Chief of Naval Operations, Vietnamese Navy
CJCS: Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
CMD: Capital Military District
COMUS: U.S. Commander
COMUSMACV: Commander, U.S. Military Assistance Command, Vietnam
CONARC: Continental Army Command
CONUS: Continental United States
CORDS: Civil Operations and Revolutionary Development Support [pacification]
COS: Chief of Station, CIA
CPR: Chinese Peoples Republic
CPSVN: Comprehensive Plan for South Vietnam
CTZ: Corps tactical zone
CY: Calendar year
DCM: Deputy Chief of Mission
DCPG: Defense Command Planning Group
DEPTEL: [State] Department telegram
DESOTO: Destroyer patrols off North Vietnam
DIA: Defense Intelligence Agency
DMZ: Demilitarized Zone separating North and South Vietnam
DOD: Department of Defense
DPM: Draft Presidential Memorandum [from the Secretary of Defense]
DRV: Democratic Republic of [North] Vietnam
DULTE: Cable identifier, from Secretary of State Dulles to addressee
ECM: Electronic Countermeasures EXDIS Exclusive (high level) distribution
FAL and FAR: Royal Armed Forces of Laos
FARMGATE: Clandestine U.S. Air Force unit in Vietnam, 1964
FE and FEA: Bureau of Far Eastern Affairs in the State Department
FEC: French Expeditionary Corps
FLAMING DART: Code name of bombing operations, in reprisal for attacks on U.S. forces
FOA: Foreign Operations Administration
FWMA: Free World Military Assistance
FWMAF: Free World Military Assistance Force
FY: Fiscal Year
FYI: For your information
GRC: Government of the Republic of China (Nationalist China)
GVN: Government of [South] Vietnam
G-3: U.S. Army General Staff, Branch for Plans and Operations
HES: Hamlet Evaluation System
HNC: High National Council
Hop Tac: Program to clear and hold land around Saigon, 1964
IBP: International Balance of Payments ICA International Cooperation Administration
ICC: International Control Commission
IDA: Institute for Defense Analyses
IMCSH: Inter-ministerial Committee for Strategic Hamlets
INR: Bureau of Intelligence and Research in the Department of State
ISA: Office of International Security Affairs in the Department of Defense
I Corps: Northern military region of South Vietnam
II Corps: Central military region in South Vietnam
III Corps: Military region in South Vietnam surrounding Saigon
IV Corps: Southern military region in South Vietnam
JCS: Joint Chiefs of Staff
JCSM: Joint Chiefs of Staff Memorandum
JGS: Vietnamese Joint General Staff
JOC: Joint Operations Center
Joint Staff: Staff organization for the Joint Chiefs of Staff
JUSPAO: Joint United States Public Affairs Office, Saigon
J-2: Intelligence Branch, U.S. Army
KANZUS: Korean, Australian, New Zealand, and U.S.
KIA: Killed in action
LANTFLT: Atlantic Fleet
LOC: Lines of communications (roads, bridges, rail)
LST: Tank Landing Ship
LTC: Lt.Col.
MAAG: Military Assistance Advisory Group
MAB: Marine Amphibious Brigade
MAC: Military Assistance Command
MACCORDS: Military Assistance Command, Civil Operations and Revolutionary Development Support
MAF: Marine Amphibious Force
MAP: Military Assistance Program
MAROPS: Maritime Operations
MEB: Marine Expeditionary Brigade
MEF: Marine Expeditionary Force
MIA: Missing in action
MDAP: Mutual Defense Assistance Program
MOD: Minister of Defense
MORD: Ministry of Revolutionary Development
MRC: Military Revolutionary Committee
MRS: Highland Area
NATO: North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NCO: Non-commissioned officer
NFLSV: National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam
NIE: National Intelligence Estimate
NLF: National Liberation Front
NODIS: No distribution (beyond addressee)
NSA: National Security Agency (specializes in electronic intelligence, i.e. monitoring radio communications)
NSAM: National Security Action Memorandum (pronounced nas-sam; described presidential decisions under Kennedy and Johnson)
NSC: National Security Council
NVA: North Vietnamese Army
NVN: North Vietnam
OB: Order of battle
OCO: Office of Civil Operations [pacification]
O&M: Operations and Management
Opcon: Operations Control
OPLAN: Operations Plan
Ops: Operations
OSA: Office of the Secretary of the Army
OSD: Office of the Secretary of Defense
PACFLT:: Pacific Fleet
PACOM: Pacific Command
PAT: Political Action Team
PAVN: People's Army of [North] Vietnam
PBR: River Patrol Boat
PDJ: Plaine Des Jarres, Laos
PF: Popular Forces
PFF: Police Field Force
PL: Pathet Lao
PNG: Provisional National Government
POL: Petroleum, oil, lubricants
POLAD: Political adviser (usually, State Department representative assigned to a military commander)
PRV: People's Republic of Vietnam
PSYOP: Psychological Operations
qte: Quote
RAS: River Assault Squadron
RCT: Regimental Combat Team
RD: Rural (or Revolutionary) Development
RECCE: Reconnaissance
Reclama: Protest against a cut in budget or program
RF: Regional Forces
RLAF: Royal Laotian Air Force
RLG: Royal Laotian Government
RLT: Regimental Landing Team
ROK: Republic of [South] Korea
Rolling Thunder: Code name for sustained bombing of North Vietnam
rpt: Repeat
RSSZ: Rung Sat Special Zone (east of Saigon)
RT: Rolling Thunder Program
RTA: Royal Thai Army
RVN: Republic of [South] Vietnam
RVNAF: Republic of Vietnam Air Force or Armed Forces
RVNF: Republic of Vietnam Forces
SA: Systems Analysis Office in the Department of Defense
SAC: Strategic Air Command
SACSA: Special Assistant [to the JCS] for Counterinsurgency and Special [covert] Activities
SAM: Surface-to-air missile
SAR: Search and Rescue
SDC: Self Defense Corps
SEA: Southeast Asia
SEACOOR: Southeast Asia Coordinating Committee
SEATO: Southeast Asia Treaty Organization
SecDef: Secretary of Defense
SECTO: Cable identifier, from Secretary of State to addressee
Sitrep: Situation Report
SMM: Saigon Military Mission
SNIE: Special National Intelligence Estimate
SQD: Squadron
STRAF: Strategic Army Force
SVN: South Vietnam
TAOR: Tactical Area of Responsibility
TCS: Tactical Control System
TEDUL: Cable identifier, overseas post to Secretary of State Dulles
TERM: Temporary Equipment Recovery Mission
TF: Task force
TFS: Tactical Fighter Squadron
TO&E: Table of organization and equipment (for a military unit)
TOSEC: Cable identifier, from overseas post to Secretary of State
TRIM: Training Relations and Instruction Mission
TRS: Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron
34A: 1964 operations plan covering covert actions against North Vietnam
T-28: U.S. fighter-bomber
UE: Unit equipment allowance
UH-l: Helicopter
UK: United Kingdom
USAF: U.S. Air Force
USARAL: U.S. Army, Alaska
USAREUR: U.S. Army, Europe
USASGV: U.S. Army Support Group, Vietnam
USG: United States Government
USIA: U.S. Information Agency
USIB: U.S. Intelligence Board
USIS: U.S. Information Service
USOM: U.S. Operations Mission (for economic assistance)
VC: Viet Cong
VM: Viet Minh
VN: Vietnam
VNA: Vietnamese National Army
VNAF: [South] Vietnamese Mr Force or Armed Forces
VNQDD: Vietnam Quocdandang (preindependence, nationalistic political party)
VNSF: [South] Vietnamese Special Forces
VOA: Voice of America
WESTPAC: Western Pacific Command
WIA: Wounded in action

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