Carl Kaysen, NATIONAL SECURITY ACTION MEMORANDUM NO. 249, "Laos Planning," 25 June 1963

Source: The Pentagon Papers, Gravel Edition, Volume 2, p. 726

June 25, 1963


TO: The Secretary of State
The Secretary of Defense
The Director, Central Intelligence Agency
The Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

SUBJECT: Laos Planning

1. At a meeting on June 19, 1963 the President considered the Memorandum addressed to him from the Department of State dated June 17, 1963 ("Memorandum").

2. The President approved Phase 1 of the plan outlined in the Memorandum and authorized that the steps outlined therein might be taken at such time and in such manner as the appropriate officials concerned might direct.

3. The President directed the Department of State to consult with the French and British before initiating any action under the Memorandum. He wished to obtain their suggestions for action in Laos in light of the deteriorating situation there.

4. The President approved Phase 2 of the Memorandum for planning purposes, but directed that none of the steps outlined in Phase 2 be put into final execution until after further consultation with him.

5. The President directed that the steps described in Phase 3 of the Memorandum be further refined and reviewed; and he asked that the question be explored whether additional U.S. actions should be taken in Laos before any action be directed against North Vietnam.

Carl Kaysen

Copies furnished: Governor Harriman
General McKee
Mr. Colby
General Clay

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