Cable from McGeorge Bundy to Ambassador Lodge on US Options With Respect to a Possible Coup, 25 October 1963

Source: The Pentagon Papers, Gravel Edition, Volume 2, p. 782

25 Oct 63

FROM: McGeorge Bundy to Lodge
CAP 63590

Your 1964 most helpful.

We will continue to be grateful for all additional information giving increased clarity to prospects of action by Don or others, and we look forward to discussing with you the whole question of control and cutout on your return, always assuming that one of these D-Days does not turn out to be real. We are particularly concerned about hazard that an unsuccessful coup, however carefully we avoid direct engagement, will be laid at our door by public opinion almost everywhere. Therefore, while sharing your view that we should not be in position of thwarting coup, we would like to have option of judging and warning on any plan with poor prospects of success. We recognize that this is a large order, but President wants you to know of our concern.

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