Extract: Memo for Secretary of Defense from Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff "Combat Air Capability in North Vietnam" 17 AUG 64 (JCSM-707-64)

Source: The Pentagon Papers, Gravel Edition, Volume 3, pp. 545

Extract: Memo for SecDef from CJCS "Combat Air Capability in North Vietnam" 17 AUG 64 (JCSM-707-64)

6. CINCPAC OPLANS 37-64 (Military Actions to Stabilize the Situation in RVN) and 99-64 (Military Actions to Stabilize the Situation in Laos) provide inter alia for the conduct of selected operations against NVN. Further, the JCS have directed that CINCPAC be prepared with the full range of action capabilities against NVN, including the readiness to execute selective strike or to initiate coordinated air campaign along the lines of OPLAN 37-64 or OPLAN 99-64 on the shortest possible notice, if and when directed. In addition, they have requested that CINCPAC complete as soon as possible detailed operational plan-fling and preparations for employment of US and VNAF air resources, utilizing the "94 target list" as a basis, in order to facilitate obtaining decisions of higher authority as to the scale, tempo, and target categories to be struck, CINCPAC Fragmentary Operation Order No. 1-64 implements applicable portions of CINCPAC OPLANS 37-64 and 99-64, and provides a framework for selected air operations against NVN.

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