Cable From Ambassador Taylor to Secretary Rusk, 3 October 1964

Source: The Pentagon Papers, Gravel Edition, Volume 3, pp. 576

3 Oct 64



For Secretary Rusk

Embtel 870 and Deptel 727.

Mike Forrestal's State/RCI 30 raises an aspect of the coordination problem discussed in Embtel 870 and indicates belief that Emb Saigon Saigon should be coordination center.

I continue to favor the procedure contained in Embtel 870 which has the concurrence of Ambassadors Unger and Martin. In my opinion, the ad hoc methods mentioned in Deptel 727 are not likely to suffice to handle the growing requirements for prompt regional recommendations on politico-military matters affecting several embassies and CINCPAC. I would think it to the interest of State-Defense to fix responsibility for coordination in this field and not trust to the initiatives of the moment.

If you agree, I suggest issuance of a directive to embassies Saigon, Vientiane, and to CINCPACHO stablish in Saigon under Executive Agency of Embassy Saigon a committee for coordinating policy recommendations and military operational matters arising from the following activities: 34-A program (to include its coordination with DeSoto patrols); crossborder operations (air and ground) from SVN into Laos; air operations from SVN and Laos into NVN; Lucky Dragon; Yankee team; Blue Springs; Hardnose and any other operations in Laos requiring coordination with crossborder operations. Such a directive would indicate general approval of organization proposed in Embtel 870 and leave to principals of committee to work out the details.


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