Cable from Maxwell Taylor (EMBTEL 1438) on U. Alexis Johnson Talk with Seaborn, 14 November 1964

Source: The Pentagon Papers, Gravel Edition, Volume 3, pp. 628

Nov 14, 1964



In reply to his query Johnson told Seaborn today that we had not yet received any indication as to whether dept would have message for him on his next trip but that if convenient thought it would be preferable for Seaborn to postpone trip until Nov 30 as if there was to be message it would be more likely at that time than on Nov 23. Seaborn said postponement to Nov 30 presented no problem if he did it now and that he would.

Do so. He expressed hope that if we had message he could receive it as long before Nov 30 as possible in order that he could absorb it and have opportunity discuss any obscure points.

He said Ottawa had strongly endorsed point he had made to Johnson previously, that is, that general theme of last two messages had been played as far as they could go and if we had anything to deliver on next trip it was hoped that it would be something specific. He also said Ottawa does not plan to approach dept but will await dept initiative.


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