Submitting the Final Web Project

The final web projects are due no later than 18 December 2012 (the last day of exams). When you have finished the project you should email me ( its full URL (the complete address beginning with http). I will then place your site on a class project list which can be found at After your email the site, you should check the list the following day to make sure that I have received the URL and have posted your site.

I will not begin to evaluate the web projects until after 18 December, so you can send me the URL address early and then continue to make changes. No changes will be permitted after that date.

I would not recommend that you count on being able to make changes to your site off-campus if you've placed it on the MHC server. Accessing the MHC server from a non-MHC-based computer (i.e., one whose connection to the server is made through a MHC data port), is quite complex and difficult. So don't go home and assume that you can continue to make changes.

For your information, I will be reviewing the sites using Google Chrome. There are some differences in presentation among other browsers, so be aware of potential problems if you use Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari.

If you need to refresh your memory on the criteria I will be using to evaluate the pages, the sheet I handed out earlier in the class can be found at:

I will be available throughout the exam period for consultation, so if you have problems or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Good luck and try to have fun.