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World Politics
Fall 2009

Abdullah, Sara E. Ajjam-One Without Belonging (Blog)
Adikes, Rebecca C. A Dose of the Past: A Brief History of Biomedical Ethics
Ahmad, Emaan The Life and Assassination of Benazir Bhutto--The First Woman to be Prime Minister of a Muslim Country
Alabed, Lamise A True Palestinian (Blog)
Alvarez Diaz, Natalia Extinction of Languages, Erosion of Cultures
Aman, Masarath India's Illegal Kidney Trade
Amjad, Sara P. East-West Divide
Aponte, Yolanda Puerto Rico
Athayde, Maria Manuella P. Brazil Love it or Leave it: a Snapshot of the Military Dictatorship (1964)
Bancila, Ines M. The Danube Delta-Behind Curtains (Blog)
Banfield, Caroline R. World's Worst Dictators
Berlage, Rachel H. In Sickness and In Health (website) In Sickness and In Health: Illness and World Politics (Blog)
Bolanos, Liani B. Garbage & Recycling Worldwide (Blog)
Brett-Kearns, Annick M. Muslim Immigration: The effects on Western Europe (Blog)
Brock, Amoy N. Human Trafficking
Brown, Jasmine D. Darfur Conflict
Brown, Jillian M. Out:standing in their field: Agribusiness and World Hunger (Blog)
Cantlin, Ariadne R. Diabetes and the World
Cervantes, Sarai Mexico's Political Art
Chen, Fangxin U.S.-China trade disputes
Chen-Keenan, Leanne Taiwan 228 Incident
Chiesa, Silvia Nigeria in Postcolonial Period
Chustz, Taylor J. Reworking the Education System (Blog)
Cobb, Jennifer L. Motions for Change
Cooke, Mary J. The Great Lakes Water Basin: Binational Effort
Couture, Megan E. The Well-Adjusted Lyon (Blog)
Crofut-Brittingham, Amelia Organ Transplantation (Blog)
Cuellar, Alejandra E. The World Presses: Food, Health, and Democracy (Blog)
Cunningham, Nora A. DominHaitians
Daly, Caroline R. Old School Elegance
Darosa, Marleny Iran in Crisis (Blog)
Das, Snigdha Women in Combat
De la Rosa, Diana USA Sex Trafficking
Desautels, Caitlin R. Coffee Trade In costa Rica
Desjardins, Danielle J. Nixon Goes to China
Dietzgen, Alexandra V. Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan
Duceman, Katherine I. Global Impacts of the Cruise Industry
Dudley, Kelsey M. Marriage Equality for All
Fajardo, Jessica L.Maguindanao Massacre & Journalism
Famakinwa, Olabisi A. Homosexuality in African Countries
Fillingim, Hannah G.Post Colonial 28 (Blog)
Fopiano, Ariel J. Favelas and Families
Fournier, Kathleen M. International Adoption
Gerlach, Felicitas Human Rights in a Political Context
Griffin, Olivia B. Democracy in the Middle East (Blog)
Grogan, Sorcha N. Northern Ireland: Political Unrest
Halton, Maureen E. Gender Gap
Haydock, Shana B. Identity Politics
Holsing, Elizabeth A. Speaking for Those Who Can't: The Universal Declaration of Animal Rights
Hum-Thompson, Anna N. Uganda: Anti-Love, Anti-Freedom
Iturralde, Alexandra V. The Bahá'í Faith: Peace, Unity, Persecution
Jacques, Sandra A Price Placed on Skin Color
Jiang, Jingyi Monetary Policy in the Weimar Republic
Karabegovic, Azra Nova Bosna (Blog)
Keefe, Anna R. The Kitchen Debates
Kelson, Cheryl Cuba's Elian Gonzalez: A Case Study and Analysis of International Negotiation
Khouri, Hannah K. Internet Censorship in China
Kidder, Caitlin J. International Whaling (Blog)
Knight, CathErine E. Wartime Entertainment in WWII
Knutson, Jacqueline K. Stem Cell Therapies; Why America May Fall Behind
Christiane Beatrice Koenig Muammar Gaddafi's Bodyguards
Kotz, Olivia W.Children with Children (Blog)
Kudla, Anna M. What's the World Coming To? (Blog)
Lear, Courtney R. The Death Penalty
Lee, Dakyung The South Korean Chaebol
Lee, Eunhye Korean War
Lee, Melissa J. Suicide in South Korea
Lee, Soo Jin Comfort Women
Lu, Yuanmei Bought or Adopted
Lynch, Meaghan K. Sexual Health Education in the 21st Century
Ma, Buqing Crossroad
MacDonald, Molly M. United States' Health Care System
Mahboob, Dibarah Bangladesh: Bengali Language Movement
Makonza Goto, Rudo Education in Zimbabwe
Mariki, Brenda B. Killing of Albinos in Tanzania
Markell, Georgia H. 1994 Genocide in Rwanda
Marsh, Kelsey M. Human trafficking across the world (Blog)
Mashonjowa, Tatenda Zimbabwe's Unity Government
Masina, Lee Lese Majeste in Thailand
Mbabazi, Hope K. The Undending Atrocities of Joseph Kony
McBrian, Sarah Frances H. Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
McCaffery, Lia E. Water Privatization
Messmer, Marion G. Perspectives: A Different View on News (Blog)
Milite, Annique A. He Shall Be Tested...The War in Afghanistan Under Obama
Mindieta, Lauren R. Poverty in Mexico
Molnar, Zenya Perspectives of WWII: A Personal Journey
Monnoo, Natasha D. Ismaili
Moody, Erica R. Corazon Aquino: Democracy In The Philippines
Moore, Sarah H. Education (website) Locally Grown (Blog)
Nabi, Zehra Unsettled: The politics of being an international student (Blog) Unsettled- the politics of being an international student (website)
Nash, Marianna L. The Life and Works of Walter Lippmann
Neal, Michelle A. Journey to Democracy
Neethi, Dwitiya J. dwitiya
Obar, Alice L. Oh, My God (Blog)
Ofosu-Amaah, Naa Abia K. Ghanaian Popular Culture
Park, Daeun J. Lives in conflict: Somali Women and Children
Parra, Yesenia V. Colombia and Drug Muling
Patil, Dhanashree D. Arunachal Pradesh: An Epicenter of Sino-Indian Relationship
Pendigrast, Keshia Aliya Tales (Blog)
Phelps, Molly B. Pacifism in the Modern World (Blog)
Phiri, Vikacha M. Politics of Diamonds
Pila, Daniela Jan T. Immigration Issues In the US
Planson, Katharine J. Maine in Washington (Blog)
Poku, Ohemaa B. Child Brides (Blog)
Popo, Eyitemi R. All about Africa (Blog)
Puka-Beals, Emma R. Agribusiness in America: What's on Your Plate?
Regal, Colleen P. Animal Rights
Rice, Melissa W. World on Fire : The Youth Climate Movement
Roark, Melissa R. The Economics of Sex Trafficking:Supply and Demand
Rogers, Kelsey E. Children in Conflict (Blog)
Roses, Stephanie M. Life on Earth (Blog)
Ross, Amanda M. The United States' Acquisition of Hawai'i
Rubalcava Ramirez, Eliana Narco-Cartels in Mexico
Sarandeva, Marta M. Bulgaria
Segovia, Martha A. Mexican Drug War
Shaikh, Zuha M. Taliban: Resurgence in Pakistan (Blog)
Singh, Anisha Stolen Daughters of Nepal: An Overview of Women and Girl Trafficking in Nepal
Skakel, Eliza P. Environmental Awareness and Political Action in the 20th Century
Skokan, Elizabeth L. czech yourself: the czech republic in the world (Blog)
Smith, Sherene C. $2 a day (Blog)
Song, Liwen Learning China from the Map (Blog)
Swanson, Margaret L. The Horse Industry and The Economy
Syring, Erin C. This Globalized Notion of Peace
Tethong, Zayden T. High and Dry on the Roof of the World: China Dam(n)s Tibet
Thompson, Luenda A. The Partition of India and the Violence Enacted on Women
Tierney, Laura C. The Politics of Climate Change
Unaitis, Elizabeth A. Human Rights...and Politics (Blog)
Utter, Caitlin M. C'est La Vie: The Culture of France (Blog)
Waldron, Mia M. Capitalism and Its Effects
Walter, Maya C. The Forgotten Freedom Fighters
Wangdi, Kunzang C. Politics of Language: An Overview of Multilingualism in Bhutan.
Wei, Christina A. 1967: Hong Kong in Transition
Wilson, Morgan S. The True Victims of Climate Change...
Xu, He Healthcare in China
Zhao, Bochao Unrest on the Silk Road: An Analysis of the Conflicts between The Uyghurs & China
Zhu, Nan Random thoughts about China (Blog)