Web Projects
World Politics
Fall 2010

Abbate, Lauren E. The Feminization of Poverty
Ahmed, Halima A. Somali Pirates
Ali, Asma Y. Uganda and the Lord's Resistance Army
Arthen, Lucia I. What's Goin' On
Ballantyne, Sonia G. The Future of the Bush Tax Cuts
Baron, Patricia Anne S. The Philippine Diaspora
Bloom, Julia R. Warning Signs
Brot, Samantha J. Does the United States really mean well?
Campos-Banales, Kathleen The Zoot Suits, 1940s
Carol, Emily E. Horticultural Therapy
Carrera, Deisy A. La Mara Salvatrucha
Carver, Rose E. Eight Women Around the World
Cezair Mayers, Courtney A. Disability Rights
Chai, Cynthia M. The South-East Asian Chinese Diaspora
Chin, Olivia K. Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands
Cifuentes, Sofia The Colombian Division and its Effect on the World
Constant, Virginia G. The Kimberley Process
Davis, Annisha K. Stop Ethnic Cleansing
De Zylva, Anishka Sri Lanka and Terrorism
DiCocco, Hannah C.
Dieter, Maria C. The Icelandic Economy
Dunnigan, Claire B. Language Lines
Durman, Irem Kurds in Turkey
Eaton, Lyla R. Blackwater
Eldore, Tatiana V. Literary Obscenity Trials
Ellis, Sara E. Income Inequality in the United States
Enright, Clare M. Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Espinosa, Michelle Combating Injustice--.Supporting the Dream
Fahem, Amal Women of Tunisia
Follo, Emily D. Obstacles to Effective Healthcare in Haiti
Frick, Erin A. Cap and Trade
Galloway, Erin F. The Cultural Conflict Between the Tutsi and the Hutu
Ghale, Pratima Sea Level Change and a brief history of Climate Negotiations
Giri, Madhu Suicide Attacks
Grande, Brenda A. Feedingthelandfill
Guingona, Francesca C. The 1986 People Power Revolution
Guiraud, Marie-Ange R. Ivory Coast Elections
Haidary, Anita Ismaili History
Hanmer, Margaret Sierra Leone
Hargrove, Brooke L. Rape as a Weapon of War: Women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Hazrati, Suraya The Resilience of Afghans!
Herman, Julia F. World Food Trade
Hicks, Ariel B. Child Labor: The Tortured Hands that Modernized the World
Huynh, Johannah Engels.Of.Thought.
Jatoi, Sana F. Socialism is Our Economy (Not)
Johnson, Angela N. The Economic Collapse Explained
Johnson, Natalie P. Land Mines
Ke, Xiaoyu Compulsory Mental Health Treatment in China
Kedsmul, Vorralak The Rise of China
Kerbaj, Rita Amnesty International: Mount Holyoke College Chapter
Keverenge, Vanessa V. The Kenya Crisis?
Khalsa, Dharma K. The Construction of Art
Khan, Munazza F. Microfinance, Social Business and Poverty Alleviation in Bangladesh
Khatri, Sadia Holocaust 101
Kimel, Sharon S. israeli flotilla raid
King, Shaunesse M. Panama
Leandre, Maelys The Struggle for Women's Education
Lee, So Jin Plastic Surgery in Korea
Lenihan, Kendal K. Education vs. Prison in America
Lerner, Danielle S. Bananas: common fruit, complex issue
Lewis, Ashley R. Conflict in Kashmir
Li, Natalia V. Central Asia
Li, Xuejing Currency War
Llado, Juliette Zimbabwe and South Africa : A Reality to the Political Conditions
Lukwani, Tracy International Monetary Fund and World Bank
Luong, Tra D. Ho Chi Minh: The great leader of Vietnamese people
Lussier, Kiana M. The Mexican Drug War
MacAuley, Celeste E. The Seeker
Macauley, Christiana K. Multiculturalism
MacNeill, Korinna G. Drug Trafficking in Colombia
Madraswala, Shaheen H. Final Solution
Magnusdottir, Ingibjorg The Best Party
Mammadova, Jeylan Turks in Germany
Markoski, Molly A. All Hands on Deck
Mazel, Marine The Belgian Crisis
McDonough, Allison P. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert: Restoring Sanity and/or Fear
McGaw-Ferran, Bridgette M. A Dynamic of Conflict: Rwanda and the Congo
McKee, Phoebe C. Surrogate Pregnancy and the Politics of Reproduction
McMahon-Varrelman, Kaele A.
Melton, Jacqueline E. The Mesoamerican Biological Corridor
Merton, Julia E. International Fisheries Policy: One Policy, One Mission
Mishra, Khushbu K. Women Empowerment
Molnar, Alexandra From Europe to America: Immigration Through Family Tales
Molosiwa, Tebo M. Mama Africa
Monahan, Caitlin C. Britain's Nuclear Deterrence
Munoz Narino, Natalia Poverty in Colombia
Ndiaye, Khady Violence Against Children In Senegal
Norton, Margaret E. Burma AKA Myanmar
Orozco, Jessica A. The Land of Lakes
Oruwariye, Tammy K. Tears of Widowhood
Padilla, Juneisy Recognizing the LGBT Youth
Pandey, Saloni Politics in Nepal
Park, Hye Jin Origins of the Korean War
Patterson, Jaquelin C. Northern Ireland - a Place Apart?
Pedraza, Nicole E. Blood Diamonds: Truly Costing Arms and Legs
Perera, Anarkalee C. Media Freedom in Sri Lanka
Pettit, Maria N. Food Crises and Trade are Inextricably Linked
Phaneuf, Mallory J. Death Rituals in Different Countries
Phares, Rachel A. Playing Devil's Advocate
Potka, Griselda Albania’s Sworn Virgins under the Kanun of Lek Dukagjini
Raja, Mehrbano Women's Empowerment and Gender Inequality
Rapten, Pema D. The Interwar Period and its Impacts on the World (1919-1939)
Ravi, Sonali Sexism in the Indian Cinematic Nation
Ray, Andrea Fire In Asia: The Mongol Empire
Robertson, Liana M. Stem Cell Research: Future's Cure
Rodriguez Montoya, Francisca J. Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome
Rosati, Aubrey H. Climate Change
Roth, Hannah M. United States Public Education
Rothenberg, Lucy J. Provisional Irish Republican Army
Rui, Yang Diaoyu Island Dispute
Saale, Melissa K. Global Resources
Sadowski, Julia R. The Tea Party
Salaita, Rinad J. Honor Killings
Saqran, Lubna S. The Empire Of Medicine
Sayani, Sanaa S. Media Clash
Shabaneh, Sima B. A Glimpse of Palestine
Charmu Sjarma I Live to Eat!
Sidime, Saran Homosexuality in Africa
Sink, Madison V. Cambodia & The Khmer Rouge
Slysz, Stephanie E. Myanmar
Smith, Mikaela H. The Troubles
Smith, Nora M. A Brief Overview of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) and Its Current Situation
Song-Ngam, Amira Thailand's Politics Crisis
Stanescu, Diana M. The Collapse of the Fisheries
Stapleton, Ellen F. DDR Rehabilitation Program
Sun, Yineng Science, Culture and Regulation of Firearms
Tarr, Valerie C. Building Socialism
Tasikani, Tawanda L. Weather Politics
Tasnim, Mehnaz Football: A Beautiful Game or Political Arena?
Tasnim, Summiya Bride Napping in Kyrgyzstan
Tasnim, Syeda N. Child Abuse in the United States
Theisen, Sarah J. American Military Nurses in World War II
Thompson, Kianga A. Corruption and Economic Issues in Tanzania
Tuladhar, Charu T. Nepal: What Led to the People's War?
Wang, Chu String of Pearls
Wang, Xiaoxu Zapatistas
Wegerif, Maya C. What the Fuck Has Zuma Done About AIDS?
White, Melissa A. Meat What You Eat
Williams, Jazmin A. The United States Prison System: The Racial Realities
Witwer, Kathryn C. Justifiable War?
Yadav, Anusha Politics in Nepal
Yamaguchi, Yui Modern Enclosure?
Yan, Meng Muslims in Denmark
Yang, Hyun Joo Ongoing Territorial Dispute on Dokdo between South Korea and Japan
Yang, Sung Hui Thoughts on Capitalism
Youkhaw, Tarinee Preah Vihear Temple Dispute
Yu, Shuangxiu Mandarin Chinese and Other Languages In China
Zamora, Karen The Zeitgeist Theory
Zhao, Aibo Comfort Women---A Life Time of Blood and Tears
Zhu, Xinjia China's Political Economy
Zhu, Yue Mum, I am Confused (Subtitle: Reading Politics from Juvenile History Books in the US and in China)
Zoghbi, Jade N. Christian Minorities in the Middle East