Mid Term Exam
American Foreign Policy
International Relations 270
Spring 2002

Please answer one of the following questions. Your answer is to be no more than 5-7 typed and doubled-spaced pages. This exam is open book and open discussion. Feel free to consult any sources you think useful. Be sure, however, to cite fully all sources.

The exam is due in class on March 10. If you have particular problems with this schedule, please contact one of the instructors.

1. "The foreign policy of any nation is nothing more or less than the projection onto the international scene of those indigenous values that shaped its own domestic development." Discuss American entry into the Spanish American War and World War I as projections of American domestic values that were shaped between 1789 and 1898.

2. The US responses to the conclusions of World War I and World War II were radically different. What do you think were the most important differences and what factors account for the differences?

3. Is it more correct to regard the war with Spain (1898) as a continuation of America's expansionist domestic politics throughout the nineteenth century or as a radical break with its foreign policy of isolation?

4. World War I led almost inevitably to World War II, and the conduct of World War II made the Cold War equally inevitable. Discuss.