Office of the Spokesman
                           (Brussels, Belgium)
For Immediate Release                                   October 8, 1998


QUESTION:  Any calls the last few days, specifically the Russians?  And
when you say consult, I'm quickly trying to wrap all these things in --
how many folks will you have in London?  How do you talk to the
Russians?  When have you last?  When might you?

MR. RUBIN:  Foreign Minister Ivanov went to Belgrade and will be
briefing the Contact Group this evening in London about his
conversation with Mr. Milosevic.  Ambassador Holbrooke obviously has
had extensive conversations with Milosevic.  Secretary Albright spoke
to Foreign Minister Cook last night, where the meeting was confirmed in
London.  Later this evening, everyone will be there; and that's all
your questions, right?

QUESTION:  Ivanov and she briefed parallel or something -- did I hear
you right?  And Ivanov will brief the Contact Group?

MR. RUBIN:  Ivanov, having just returned from Belgrade, will brief the
Contact Group this evening about the results of his discussions with
Milosevic, along with Secretary Albright and Ambassador Holbrooke.

QUESTION:  Who will go first?

MR. RUBIN:  I don't know if that has been decided.  I'm not at all sure
about how it's relevant.  Let's do Carole and then one more.

QUESTION:  Why is she sending Holbrooke back when she has gotten
nothing out of Milosevic -- hasn't gotten anything out of Milosevic?
In other words, what is the point of sending him back?

MR. RUBIN:  The goal of our policy is not to use force if it's not
necessary.  The goal of our policy is to achieve compliance with the
requirements of the international community.  By ratcheting the
pressure up in the coming days by moving into the next stage of NATO
decision-making, perhaps Milosevic will get the message he has not yet
gotten.  And Ambassador Holbrooke can work on specific ways to ensure a
verifiable and durable compliance with the requirements of the
international community.

QUESTION:  When did you say you're going to move to the next phase?

MR. RUBIN:  We will have to see.

QUESTION:  President Clinton has already said we have to go to ACTORD,

MR. RUBIN:  I'll get to that in a minute.

QUESTION:  Has Milosevic done anything on the positive side?

MR. RUBIN:  Clearly there have been indications that some forces have
moved.  But he remains and we do not believe that he has complied with
any of the major requirements of the  international community.

QUESTION:  Who are the other officials she is having lunch with?  Was
SACEUR one of them -- officials, NATO officials?

MR. RUBIN:  NATO officials and several other Americans -- about a dozen
or so.

QUESTION:  At this point, are there still NATO members that are not
ready to go to the next step?

MR. RUBIN:  Well, we will see.  When I said yesterday NATO is not yet
there, it's because NATO has not yet made the decision.  That doesn't
mean they won't very soon.

Thank you.

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