Documents Related to Jammu and Kashmir

English translation of the Persian text of the treaty signed at Leh on second of Asuj 1899 Bikrami - September 1842 - between the Government of Maharajah Gulab Singh and the Government of Tibet

Treaty of Amritsar, March 16, 1846

Excerpts of telegram dated 26 October, 1947 from Jawaharlal Nehru to the British Prime Minister, Clement Attlee.

Text of Lord Mountbatten 's letter dated 27 October, 1947 to signify his acceptance of the Instrument of Accession signed by the Kashmir Maharaja.

Letter from Maharaja Hari Singh to Lord Mountbatten in 1947

Instrument of Accession executed by Maharajah Hari Singh on October 26, 1947

Nehru's telegram to Liaqat Ali Khan On 27 October 1947

Nehru's telegram to Liaqat Ali Khan on 3l October, 1947

Extracts from Nehru's Broadcast on 2 November, 1947

Nehru's reiteration of plebiscite pledge in a telegram to Liaqat Ali Khan of 3 November, 1947

Nehru's address to Constituent Assembly of India On 25 November, 1947

Government of India's letter to the Security Council, 31 December, 1947

United Nations Documents Archive on Kashmir

Indian Complaint to the Security Council, Letter Dated January 1, 1948 from the Representative of India to the President of the Security Council (S/628)

Letter of the Maharaja Hari Singh to Sardar Patel, 31 January 1848

Indian Delegation Leader, Mr. Gopalaswami Ayyengar, address to the Security Council

Kashmir (Asim Mughal)

UN Security Council Resolution 38, 1948

UN Security Council Resolution 39, 1948

UN Security Council Resolution 47, 1948

UN Security Council Resolution 51, 1948

Resolution adopted by the United Nations Commission for India and Pakistan on 13 August 1948.

Resolution adopted at the meeting of the United Nations Commission for India and Pakistan on 5 January, 1949.

Agreement between Military Representatives of India and Pakistan regarding the Establishment of a Cease-fire Line in the State of Jammu and Kashmir, (Annex 26 of UNCIP Third Report - S/1430 Add 1 to 3), 29 July, 1949

Proposal in respect of Jammu and Kashmir made by General A.G.L. McNaughton, President of the Security Council of the United Nations, pursuant to the decision of the Security Council taken at its 457th meeting, on 22 December, 1949.

UN Security Council Resolution 80, 1950

UN Security Council Resolution 91, 1951

Speech of Shiekh Mohammad Abdullah in the Constituent Assembly, 1951

UN Security Council Resolution 96, 1951

Text of Memorandum submitted by 14 Muslim leaders of India to Dr. Frank P. Graham, United Nations Representative, 14 August, 1951

UN Security Council Resolution 98, 1952

ARTICLE 370 OF THE INDIAN CONSTITUTION, Temporary provisions with respect to the State of Jammu and Kashmir, 17 November 1952

UN Security Council Resolution 122, 1957

UN Security Council Resolution 123, 1957

UN Security Council Resolution 126, 1957

Statement of the President of the Security Council (French Representative) made on the 18th May, 1964, at the 1117th meeting of the Security Council

Tashkent Declaration, January 10, 1966

Simla Agreement, July 2, 1972

The Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front

H.P. Srivastava, "Kashmir," Collier's Encyclopedia, 1998

Vernon Hewitt, "Kashmir: The Unanswered Question," History Today, Vol. 47, no. 9 (September 1997)

Jammu-Kashmir Liberation Front

South Asian Intelligence Review

Legal and Constitutional position of Kashmir by Shabir Choudhry

Analysis of the Government of India's response to Amnesty International's report on torture and deaths in custody in Jammu and Kashmir

Oberoi Surinder Singh, "Kashmir is Bleeding," Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Vol. 53,  no. 2, (March-April 1997)

World Wide Web Virtual Library, Kashmir

Information Resource Center, Canadian Forces College, Contemporary Conflicts: Kashmir

Sumit Ganguly, "Explaining the Kashmir Insurgency: Political Mobilization and Institutional Decay," International Security, Vol. 21, no. 2 (Fall 1996)

Organization of Islamic Countries Contact Group on Jammu and Kashmir, Geneva, 15 April 1996

"The KASHMIRI WAR: Human Rights and Humanitarian Law," A Briefing Paper of the Humanitarian Law Project, Association of Humanitarian Lawyers, Prepared by Karen Parker, J.D., Presented to The United Nations Commission on Human Rights, 1996 Session, March, Geneva

United Nations, General Assembly,   "RIGHT OF PEOPLES TO SELF-DETERMINATION, Use of mercenaries as a means of violating human rights and impeding the exercise of the right of peoples toself-determination, Note by the Secretary-General, A/49/362, 6 September 1994 (excerpts)

Kashmir Information Network

"Branding Harkat a terrorist outfit: Focus shifts to Pak complicity," Hindustan Times, NEW DELHI, Oct. 10, 1997  (By Apratim Mukarji)

Global Hindu Electronic Network: Bharat (India): HSC Kashmir Campaign: Kashmir Reference Center

HomePage of the Bharatiya Janata Party

Kashmir Matters by Moin Ansari

Pakistan Link, "Gujral says no to priority talks on Kashmir," 22 February 1998

Congressional Research Service, Updated April 21, 1995, "India-U.S. Relations," by Barbara Leitch LePoer, Foreign Affairs and National Defense Division


Voice of Kashmir

Devin T. Hagerty, "Nuclear Deterrence in South Asia:  The 1990 Indo-Pakistani Crisis," International Security, Vol. 20, no. 3 (Winter 1995)

Jammu and Kashmir: The Complete Knowledge Base

Government of Pakistan, Page on Kashmir


"Kashmir issue: India terms Pak proposals as 'neurotic'," Business Recorder, 2 August 1998

Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, New Delhi

The Kashmir Times

The Truth About Kashmir

Kashmir Today

South Asia Terrorism Portal, Project of the Institute for Conflict Management

Kashmir Live, Express India

BBC News, "Flashpoint Kashnir: Special Report"

Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kashmir and Jammu Dispute

Amin Saikal, "The Enhanced Dangers of a Clash Over Kashmir," International Herald Tribune, 29 May 1999

PRAFUL BIDWAI , "From Pokharan to Kargil: The Nuclear Danger Is No Fantasy," The Times of India, 2 June 1999

Achin Vanaik, "The warning from Kargil," The Hindu, 1 July 1999

Mohammed Farooq, "WAR IS NO SOLUTION," The News (Lahore), 6 June 1999

Mohua Chatterjee, "When gunfire blew out the peace candles," Times of India, 25 June 1999

Zia Mian, "Law rather than War on Kashmir," The News on Sunday (Pakistan), 13 June 1999

Siddharth Varadarajan, "Don't Escalate Kargil To All-Out War," The Times of India, 18 June 1999

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