United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda

Current Mandate: 9 June - 8 December 1995

UNAMIR will:

a. help achieve national reconciliation within the frame of reference of the Arusha Peace

b. assist the Rwandan Government in facilitating the voluntary and safe return of refugees and
their reintegration in their home communes and to that end, support the Rwandan Government
in its ongoing efforts to promote a climate of confidence and trust through the performance of
monitoring tasks throughout the country with military and police observers;

c. support the provision of humanitarian aid and of assistance and expertise in engineering,
logistics, medical care and de-mining;

d. assist in the training of a national police force; and

e. contribute to the security in Rwanda of personnel and premises of United Nations agencies,
of the International Tribunal for Rwanda, including full-time protection for the Prosecutor's
Office as well as those of human rights officers and to contribute also to the security of
humanitarian agencies in need.

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