Student Web Projects
Spring 1999

Amy Ashcroft, The Korean DMZ


Maria Bonilla, Costa Rica

Daisy Carrington, Lenin, The Great Bolshevik Mind

Kyra Comroe, The Irish Hunger Strokes of 1980 and 1981

Laura Drenen, Apartheid in South Africa

Taylor Erickson, The Schlieffen Plan

Annemarie Farrell, The Cuban Missile Crisis

C. Davis Fischer, The Repercussions of Economic Sanctions on Haiti

Matthew Ford, Conflict in Rwanda

Nadya Habib, Women's Rights in Pakistan

Kelsey Hambley

Jenne Hatfield, The Euro

JoAnna Jarboe, Taxes

Malea Jochim, Global Warming and its Effect on Islands in the South Pacific

Angela Justice, Food for Plenty?

Clara Kim, Bhutan

Amy Kommatas, Greece and Turkey

Kirsten Landreth, Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapons

Danielle Lewis, Beyond the Castes

Kyle Lewis, Orimulsion--The Next Future Fuel?

Naa Norle Lokko, Sierra Leone

Alison Morse, Cambodia: The Killing Fields

Annemarie Murray, Homefront Advertising

Shaan Nariman, Blood, Death and the Birth of a Nation. The Partition of India

Elizabeth Norweb, Paraguay

LeeAnn Pasquini, Nigeria

Mia Radysh, Cleopatra

Emily Reiman, The Eritrean War for Independence

Pardis Saffari, The Rwanda Crisis

Jennifer Schenfeld, AIDS in Africa

Susan Scott, The Kyoto Treaty

Jennifer Shupe, A Nation Without a State: The Kurdish Question

Patricia Syquia, Tianamen Square

Yang Tang, China's Future

Sierra Thompson, Tibet: Land of Few Freedoms

Katherine Thorington, Biodiversity

Lena Troncoso, The Pinochet Regime in Chile

Mesve Vardar, The Kurdish Conflict in Turkey

Luann Vaughan, Spain's Political Conflict with the ETA

Emily Walsh, Child Labor in Pakistan

Hayley Zachary, Female Genital Mutilation