STATEMENT BY SOVIET AMBASSADOR ZORIN, United Nations Security Council Meeting, October 25, 1962

When Mr. Stevenson today attempted to accuse the Soviet Union as the prime cause for these aggressive actions on the part of the United States, I should like to draw attention of the Council to a completely surprising fact.

In the statement of President Kennedy of the 22nd of October, Mr. Kennedy said that during the last week unmistakable evidence has established the fact that a series of offensive missile sites is now in preparation on that island.

On the 16th of October the President of the United States had in his hands incontrovertible information. What happened after that? On the 18th of October the President of the United States was receiving the representative of the Soviet Union, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Gromyko, two days after he had already in his hands incontrovertible evidence.

One may well ask why did the President of the United States in receiving the minister of another power which the Government of the United States is now accusing of dispatching offensive arms to Cuba against the United States, why then did he not say a word to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Soviet Union with respect to these incontrovertible facts?

Why? Because no such facts exist. The Government of the United States has no such fact in its hands except these [sic] falsified information of the United States Intelligence Agency, which are being displayed for review in halls and which are sent to the press.

Falsity is what the United States has in its hands, false evidence.

The Government of the United States has deliberately intensified the crisis, has deliberately prepared this provocation and had tried to cover up this provocation by means of a discussion in the Security Council.

You cannot conduct world policies and politics on such an opportunistic matter. Such steps can lead you to catastrophic consequences for the whole world, and the Soviet Government has issued a warning to the United States and to the world on that score.

The Soviet Union considers that the Government of the United States of America must display reserve and stay the execution of its piratical threats, which are fraught with the most serious consequence.

The question of war and peace is so vital that we should consider useful a top level meeting in order to discuss all the problems which have arisen to do everything to remove the danger of unleashing a thermonuclear war.

Source: The New York Times, October 26, 1962, p. 16.

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