The Italian major seeks to foster linguistic fluency and appreciation of Italian culture. In addition to acquiring advanced oral and written proficiency in the Italian language, majors will have the opportunity to access Italy's rich literary and cultural heritage through a variety of venues, including short stories, novels, poetry, film, music, art, and contemporary newspapers. 
Besides taking courses at Mount Holyoke and in the Five College community, we encourage our student majors to investigate the many study abroad options available to them in such culturally diverse cities as Florence, Rome, Milan, Siena and Bologna. 
Majors in Italian language and culture may lead to work in a variety of national and international careers, from foreign service to fashion marketing, from international banking and trade to film publishing and journalism, and from a career in journalism to teaching.

First Year Students

Students with no previous training in Italian should enroll in 101f–102s Elementary Italian. Those who have a superior aptitude for language or are proficient in another Romance language may take the Intensive Elementary Italian course 103s in the spring semester.

Students hoping to begin their Italian studies at Mount Holyoke College at a level higher than Elementary Italian (101-102) should contact Associate Professor Ombretta Frau, Chair of Classics and Italian. 

First Year Students may consider enrolling in:

  • ITAL-101f  Elementary Italian
  • ITAL-102s Elementary Italian
  • ITAL-103s Intensive Elementary Italian (with permission of instructor)
  • ITAL-112s Elementary Italian Writing Laboratory (prereq. ITAL-101 and enrolled in ITAL-102 or 103)
  • ITAL-113s Elementary Italian Pronunciation & Conversation Laboratory (prereq. ITAL-101 and enrolled in ITAL-102 or 103)
  • ITAL-201f  Intermediate Italian (with permission from instructor)
  • ITAL-209s Conversation and Composition (with permission from instructor)
  • ITAL-221f Love and Death (with permission from instructor)
  • ITAL-222s Modern Italy (with permission from instructor)

Students who wish to be assigned a tutor are requested to speak with their instructor. Students who wish to become tutors are required to apply on JobX for this position and may work up to 5 hours per week during the academic year.

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