The Italian Lynk: Classroom to Career

Language Skills and Cross-Cultural Awareness

Mount Holyoke College Lynk funding ensures that MHC students have the opportunity to explore their career interests, gain practical experience and begin to develop a professional network through an internship or a research project. Italian Studies majors and minors are trained to work in Italian-speaking environments in Italy, in the US, and worldwide. Our program offers internship opportunities in Italy, tailored to the professional aspirations of the student. All majors in arts and sciences are encouraged to apply. The combination of on-campus and off-campus training in Italy enhances the student’s language skills and cultural awareness, better preparing them for graduate study and laying a solid foundation for future career.

Alaine Johnson
Alaine Johnson ’10: To immerse myself in another language, culture, and in literature that was socially and politically significant was truly powerful.
Susanna Gilbert
Susannah Gilbert ’13: My love for Italy, the Italian language and culture have remained a huge part of my life and are a constant source of joy every day.
Marly Stasi
Marly L. Stasi ’12: I studied history, literature, language, art, and culture, because an Italian major is by no means limited to a language alone.