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Ombretta Frau, Chair and Professor of Classics and Italian, Chair of Theatre Arts Steering Committee
Professor of Italian, Frau, translates her review of Jhumpa Lahiri’s upcoming book In Other Words, initially published in Italian in L’Huffington Post.
Image of Jhumpa Lahiri
Masterful writer and linguistic “migrant", Lahiri presented her latest book In altre parole in a conversation with Mount Holyoke professor Ombretta Frau.
Amara Lakhous, Photo courtesy of Cornell University
Lakous describes his experience as a multilingual novelist exploring identity in the immigrant experience.
Jhumpa Lahiri in Conversation with Ombretta Frau
Lahiri's book debut, In altre parole, is a provocative exploration of the power of language to transform—and reinvent—one's voice and sense of self.
Italy the Extraordinary Commonplace
Refuting common stereotypes about Italy and highlighting Italy's strengths and contributions to our global economy.