Bruce M. Arnold

Chair of Classics and Italian; Associate Professor of Classics

Ombretta Frau

Professor of Italian

Ombretta Frau has published extensively on nineteenth and early twentieth-century Italian cultural history, modern philology, Pirandello, and Italian women writers. At Mount Holyoke, Frau’s courses include literature for children, material culture, fascism, women, theater, and travel literature. Her classes incorporate many pedagogical tools, including film, music, and web design, and she believes in creating a relaxed and friendly classroom atmosphere that encourages communication. Frau is a frequent collaborator of the Mount Holyoke Art Museum and she keeps a blog that is on the Italian Huffington Post.

Ombretta Frau

Bruno Grazioli

Visiting Lecturer in Italian

Martino Lovato

Visiting Lecturer in Classics and Italian

Martino Lovato works on the intersection between Italian, French and Arabic literatures and cinema. At Mount Holyoke he teaches language, literature, and cinema at the departments of Italian Studies and Romance Languages and Cultures. He loves the study of languages and stories of all kinds. His research interests include the Mediterranean in theory and cultural history, border crossing, and medievalism in historical novels. In Fall 2017 he is teaching the introductory course to modern Italian literature, ITAL 222; and Catastrophe and Rebirth in Italian Cinema: from Dolce Vita to Trumpusconi, ITAL 341 CN, taught in English and Italian.

Martino Lovato

Morena Svaldi

Language Instructor in Italian; Director of the Language Assistant Program

A clinical psychologist, Morena Svaldi has extensive research experience in the field. At Mount Holyoke, she teaches Italian at all levels, with a special interest in blended learning, teaching with technology, methodology and pedagogy in second language acquisition. Her research has been funded by several Five Colleges Mellon Grants. In 2014, Svaldi became the Faculty Director of the Language Assistant Program.

Morena Svaldi infront of a stone relief


Denise Falk

Academic Department Coordinator
Denise Falk