Study Abroad and International Internships

"Learning a new language implies learning about a new culture and expanding one's perspective. As a former study abroad student, I know how precious this is."—Ombretta Frau

Learning abroad in Italy will provide unique study and/or research opportunities that will greatly expand a student’s understanding of the Italian language and culture. A stay in Italy can provide students with a unique prospective on culture, customs, traditions impossible to experience fully on our campus. Most students elect to study in Italy in their junior year. The department strongly encourages all majors or potential majors to spend at least one semester abroad.

Where to Study Abroad

The Italian program at Mount Holyoke College approves the programs below for a semester or an academic year stay. We strongly recommend students to consult the Italian faculty about which program best suits their needs.

Academic Year/Semester Programs

  • Bologna Consortial Studies Program (Indiana University Consortium)
    Students take classes both at the center (American-style syllabus taught by Italian professors) and at the University of Bologna. Students live in apartments with other students & have great internship opportunities. Year, fall and spring semester options available. 
  • Boston University in Padova
    The Padova Language and Liberal Arts Program offers a semester or academic year of intensive language study and coursework.
  • Middlebury College in Florence
    Students studying in Florence will have an international experience. Among the numerous programs for U.S. students in Florence, Middlebury's is noteworthy for the linguistic proficiency of its students who are appreciated by the Florentine community for the seriousness of their commitment to experience Italian life fully and to live in the culture.
  • Middlebury College in Ferrara
    *Not for everyone*; the local office is in Florence –about two hours away. Students are completely independent (i.e., on their own) for everything that concerns classes and accommodation.
  • Sarah Lawrence College in Florence
    The program office is located in the heart of Florence (near Santa Croce); students live in homestays.

Students may also choose to apply to one of the other approved programs in Italy.

Credit Transfer

Courses applied to an Italian major or minor do not have to be restricted to Italian literature. They may include courses in Italian culture, history, or politics. The term ‘culture’ is open to interpretation, but classes that concentrate on topics such as food and wine, fashion, local history, or folklore may not be used to fulfill major or minor requirements unless the class has a socio-historical perspective, a proper syllabus, and proper assignments. Students should keep syllabi, books, copies of exams/papers, reading lists etc. since the department will always review this material upon a student's return from Italy. Students who want to use classes taken in Italy to satisfy their language requirement should contact Professor Frau before studying abroad.