The program offers courses in Jewish history, religious life and literature. Students typically begin their study with the following courses, offered yearly at Mount Holyoke:

  • 112, Introduction to Judaism, or
  • 234, Women & Gender in Judaism

Elementary Hebrew is offered regularly at Smith College.  The course will be conducted in person at Smith and through a video connection for students at Mount Holyoke.  Mount Holyoke students can register for this Smith class (JUD101) through regular Five-College Interchange procedures, and then will have the option to participate in the class directly from Mount Holyoke via simulcast without regularly having to travel to Smith for class meetings.

Other courses in Jewish studies are offered regularly on campus. Consult with the program chair for a list of current courses in other departments that may be taken for credit toward a Jewish studies minor.  Students are encouraged to take advantage of the Jewish studies course offerings at Smith College, the University of Massachusetts, Hampshire College, and Amherst College.

Courses and Requirements 

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