Language Mentors and Q&A

Most languages taught at Mount Holyoke College have mentors who offer weekly Language Q&A sessions in the Language Resource Center in Ciruti (Rooms 6A & 6D).

Mentors have met the language departments' criteria for language proficiency. They are trained at the start of each semester and continue to develop their language assistance skills through guided reflection, exploration, and study activities.

What is a Language Q&A?

Language mentors for each participating language hold weekly Question and Answer (Q&A) sessions.These are scheduled times, (typically one hour a day, two days a week,) when the mentors are available in the Language Resource Center (LRC).Students can drop by to ask questions or review aspects of the target language, such as grammatical concepts, pronunciation, or sentence structure.Faculty also encourage students to attend Q&A sessions to practice presentations, prepare for oral exams, or just have a casual conversation in the language.

  1. Who are the language mentors?
    Language mentors are students are selected by their language department to lead Q&A sessions. They are selected for their language proficiency, success in language learning and interpersonal and academic skills. To develop their skills in peer mentoring, language mentors participate in ongoing workshops and training activities.

  2. What type of questions can I ask?
    Questions about any aspect of the language or language learning process are welcome. Mentors are there to help answer questions on subjects like grammar, pronunciation and word usage. Further, the Q&A sessions are an opportunity for students to engage in casual conversation in the language being learned or to practice for a presentation or oral exam.

  3. Do I need an appointment?
    No appointments are needed. Just stop by during the scheduled hours listed.

  4. Can I bring in my homework assignment and have the mentor check it for me?
    No. Please keep in mind, mentors will neither correct assignments nor provide “answers” for you. However, they can help you understand the underlying concepts behind your questions and learn to identify and correct your own errors. Language mentors and all students must abide by the Mount Holyoke College Honor Code.

  5. Are mentors the same as tutors?
    Mentors are different from tutors. While both can support language learners throughout their study of a language, Q&A mentoring — done on a drop-in/first come, first served basis — is a far less intensive a level of support than tutoring, which involves a one-on-one relationship with a tutor who has been assigned to work with you on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. If you are struggling with your language class or are looking for more in-depth support, you may want to talk with your professor about whether a one-on-one tutor would be a good option for you.

Fall 2020 Mentors

Lea Sleiman, Mentor in Arabic

Mentor in Arabic: Lea Sleiman

Contact me for the Zoom link

Hi, my name is Lea Sleiman and I will be your Arabic mentor this year. I am a rising junior majoring in Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science. I am from Beirut, Lebanon, and I am very excited to be assisting you this year!

Mondays 1-2 pm
Wednesdays 1-2 pm

Amy Shiying Wang, Chinese Language Mentor

Mentor in Chinese: Amy Shiying Wang

Contact me for the Zoom link

I'm Amy Shiying Wang (she/her), a Chinese woman, a proud rower, and a junior with a double major inBiochemistry and Computer Science. I love daydreaming while staring at the morning traffic in Beijing and sipping a cup of coffee. You are welcome to ask me any questions about China or Mandarin anytime you would like. No questions are silly! Cannot wait to meet with you.

Thursdays, 4-6 pm

Zineb Takafi, Mentor in French

Mentor in French: Zineb Takafi

Contact me for the Zoom link

Bonjour, my name is Zineb Takafi and I am a Computer Science and Economics major, class of 2023. I have been working last year with the French department as a French tutor and I loved it. This year, I will be your French mentor. I’m so excited to share my experiences, knowledge, and to help you all achieve your French language goals. À bientôt!"

Mondays 10:15-11:15 pm
Wednesdays 7-8 am
Fridays 11:30 am-12:30 pm

Stav Keshet, Mentor in Hebrew

Mentor in Hebrew: Stav Keshet

Contact me for the Zoom link

Shalom! I'm Stav (סתיו), and I'm a Junior majoring in Politics. I have been speaking Hebrew my whole life, and during my time at MHC, I've enjoyed helping students learn Hebrew as well as its culture and history. I know this is an unusual semester, so if my hours don't work for you, email me at and we can figure something out!

Wednesdays 7-8 pm
Fridays 3-4 pm

Clare Heywood, Mentor in Korean

Mentor in Korean: Clare Ysabella Heywood

Contact me for the Zoom link

Hi, everyone! My name is Clare Heywood, but in Korean class I normally go by 수정 (Soojung). I am an East Asian studies major, here at Mount Holyoke College in the class of 2021. I love all things music, art history, poetry, and, of course, anything related to the Korean language! I’m incredibly excited to work with everyone this year and support everyone however they may need.

Tuesdays 8:10-9:10 pm
Thursdays 4-5 pm

Lili Paxton, Mentor in Spanish

Mentor in Spanish: Lili Paxton

Contact me for the Zoom link

¡Hola! I am Lili Paxton, a senior studying International Relations and Spanish. I spent my junior year abroad in Seville, Spain (until March…) where I learned to siesta and speak Spanish with real Spaniards. I love practicing and improving my Spanish, so I will be learning right alongside you all. I can’t wait to meet you all!

Tuesday from 4-5 pm
Wednesday from 7-8 pm