Interdisciplinary and Special Majors

Although we take great pride in our departmental majors, we also understand that great ideas may transcend traditional boundaries. If you find that your interests fall outside departmental lines, Mount Holyoke offers more than a dozen interdisciplinary majors as well as the opportunity to develop your own special major in a field of your choosing.

Interdisciplinary Majors

Interdisciplinary majors are structured enough to emphasize the central theme of a topic of study, but flexible enough to allow for a range of interest within a given topic.

Interdisciplinary majors can be declared in the following areas of study:

Special Majors

Students whose interests cross department lines in an area where no interdisciplinary major exists may plan a special major incorporating work in two or more departments. Students are expected to work closely with their faculty advisors to create a plan that is academically and educationally rigorous.

Each year, 20 to 30 students graduate with a special major. Recent examples include biomathematics, musical theatre, neurochemistry, psycholinguistics, urban studies, and wildlife biology.