Mathematics Assessment for Prospective Calculus Students

Most students begin their study of calculus at Mount Holyoke with either any version of Math-100, Calculus I, or Calculus II. The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers a Math Assessment exam to help you determine whether you are ready for Calculus I.

If you have received a 4 or 5 on the AP Calculus BC exam or are comfortable with methods of integration, sequences, and series and you want to continue with calculus at Mount Holyoke, you should register for Math 203, Calculus III.  You may also want to consider other ways of Beginning the Study of Mathematics and Statistics.

Should you begin with Calculus I?

The Math Assessment tests your knowledge of material that you will need to be successful in Calculus I. As a general rule, to begin with Calculus I you should be familiar with all of the material on the Math Assessment Test.  You may re-try the Math Assessment after reviewing suggested topics until you feel that you have sufficiently strengthened your pre-calculus skills.

  If you have more than three problems incorrect after some review on your own, you should consider taking Pre-Calculus, any version of Math-100, so that you can solidify your understanding of these concepts.

If the Math Assessment or your own mathematics background suggests, you should consider a year-long sequence of a Math 100 Pre-Calculus course, followed by Math 101, Calculus I. Mount Holyoke's MATH-100 course (including all of its variants like MATH-100QR) awards 4 credits and fulfills the Math/Science distribution requirement. However, precalculus courses taken outside of Mount Holyoke College will not be granted credit at Mount Holyoke nor be approved to satisfy any distribution requirement.

Admission to Math-100/Pre-Calculus is by permission of the instructor, based on your Math Assessment results and other information about your mathematics background.

 If you would like to register for Pre-Calculus, please contact the instructor after you have taken the Math Assessment. Course instructors are listed on my.mtholyoke. If you have questions about placement regarding Pre-Calculus or Calculus I, consult Professor Margaret Robinson.

Should you begin with Calculus II?

To begin with Math 102, Calculus II, you should have taken a High School or College class in Calculus I and done well. If you have questions about placement regarding Calculus I or Calculus II, consult Margaret Robinson.

To log on to the Math Assessment use your regular Mount Holyoke username and password for this assessment. Please use your MHC username, e.g. user22n, not your complete MHC email address, as your username for this assessment. Your password is your Mount Holyoke password. 

This exam tests knowledge of

  • linear functions
  • function graphs
  • function composition
  • logarithms
  • exponential functions
  • factoring quadratics and polynomials

You may wish to review these topics before you take or re-take the assessment. If you do not have a pre-calculus book to study from you may wish to search for resources to review these topics online. After you complete the assessment you must click on "Grade Test" to submit it for a score. After you have submitted a test, you will get a new version the next time you log on.