Students can begin their study of mathematics with calculus, an introduction to statistics or data analysis, an “explorations” course, or computer science. Students who have not studied statistics before usually begin with Statistics 140, Introduction to Statistics. Those who have taken an advanced placement statistics course or the equivalent of a 100-level math or statistics course may begin with Statistics 240, Data Analysis and Experimental Design. See the Mathematics and Statistics chapters of the course catalog for more guidance on beginning the study of mathematics and statistics.

The catalog also offers advice on course selection for students with interests in:

  • actuarial science
  • biostatistics, public health, or natural resources
  • economics or business
  • engineering
  • graduate school

Courses in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics are designed to:

  • teach the language of the mathematical sciences
  • provide a command of powerful mathematical tools
  • develop problem-solving skills
  • foster the ability to ask questions and make independent discoveries
  • encourage the experience of mathematics as a distinctively rigorous way of knowin

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