Fall 2012 Events

  • "Forces Made Visible", featuring Kenneth Snelson, World-renowned sculptor and designer of the top of the World Trade Center Freedom Tower. [abstract]

- Thu, Sep 20, at 4:30pm, Gamble Auditorium

  • Panel on Summer Research and Internship Experiences, Mindan Chen, Valeri Edwards, Yihan Li, Xueqing Zhao. [info]

- Wed, Sep 26, 12:15-1:00, Clapp 416

  • What is a Numerical Quintic Surface? Julie Rana, University of Massachusetts [info]

- Wed, Oct 3, 12:15-1:00, Clapp 416

  • CS Study abroad in Budapest, David Szeszler, Professor of Combinatorial Optimization [info]

- Wed, Oct 10, at noon, location TBA

  • Singularities: The Next Generation (aka: When is a Cone not a Cone?), Donal O’Shea, President New College of Florida, Former Mount Holyoke Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty [abstract]

MHC’s Connecticut Valley Mathematics Colloquium
The Lester J. Senechal Lecture

- Talk : Tue, Oct 23, 4:30pm-5:30pm, 305 Kendade Hall
- Refreshments: 4:00pm-4:30pm, outside of 305 Kendade
- Dinner: 6:00pm, Willits-Hallowell Center

  • Discussion of 300 level courses in Spring 2013

- Wed, Oct 24, 12:15-1:00pm, Clapp 416

  • Linear programming and polyhedral geometry, Dylan Shepardson, Department of Mathematics and Statistics. [abstract]

- Wed, Oct 31, 12:15-1:00pm, Clapp 416

  • The Mathematics of Life, James Keener, Distinguished Professor of Mathematics, Adjunct Professor of Bioengineering, University of Utah [abstract]

- Mon, Nov 5, 7:00-8:00pm, Kendade 305

  • The Bridges of Konigsberg, Jeremy Pecharich, Department of Mathematics and Statistics. [abstract]

- Wed, Nov 7, 12:15-1:00pm, Clapp 416