Jessica Sidman

Chair of Mathematics and Statistics; Professor of Mathematics

Jessica Sidman works at the intersection of algebra, geometry, and computation. In particular, she is interested in applications of computational algebraic geometry, which is a fancy way of saying that she likes seeing how to use a computer to solve problems with polynomials. Her current research is focused on using algebraic methods to analyze systems of geometric constraints that arise in rigidity theory, a subject with many applications including robotics, protein folding, and computer-aided design.

Jessica Sidman

Timothy Chumley

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Tim Chumley is a probabilist interested in working on models that arise in physics, engineering, and other areas. In the past, much his work has focused on Markov chain models which can be generically called random billiards. His work on probabilistic limit theorems for these models aims to provide a framework for detailed study of realistic physical models of phenomena in kinetic theory of gases and classical statistical mechanics. In addition, he is interested in random walks in random media, differential geometry, and stochastic processes on manifolds.

Timothy Chumley

Giuliana Davidoff

Robert L. Rooke Professor of Mathematics

Andrea Foulkes

Professor of Mathematics and Statistics

Janice A. Gifford

Professor of Statistics

Carrie Hosman

Visiting Lecturer in Statistics

Alanna Hoyer-Leitzel

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Alanna Hoyer-Leitzel does research in applications of dynamical systems. Her projects include classifying relative equilibria in the n-vortex problem (configurations of swirls in fluids that maintain their shape while translating and rotating) by looking at symmetry of their structures. Her more recent work applys the ideas of bifurcation, tipping, and disturbance to modeling resilience in climate and ecosystems. Alanna's other interests include bad scifi, cross stitching, taking pictures of her cats, and riot grrl punk music.

Alanna Hoyer Leitzel

Amir Kouzehkanani

Visiting Lecturer in Statistics

Sara Nuñez

Visiting Instructor in Statistics; UMass Teaching Associate

Mark Peterson

Professor of Physics and Mathematics on the Alumnae Foundation

Mark Peterson is a physics theorist who teaches in both the physics and mathematics departments. His research includes modelling fluid dynamics in biophysical settings, innovative mathematical methods for elasticity theory, and the history of physics and mathematics, especially the life and work of Galileo.

Mark Peterson, Physics

Margaret Robinson

Chair of Computer Science, Professor of Mathematics

Margaret Robinson is a number theorist whose work combines analysis, algebra, and topology to understand number theoretic objects, in particular zeta functions. For Robinson, the research is addictive because objects from other areas of mathematics arise like strange outcrops revealing unexpected constituents in the rock of number theory. Tracking down and explaining why these startling connections exist is tantalizing, sometimes frustrating, but never boring.

Thomas Shelly

Visiting Lecturer in Mathematics

Dylan Shepardson

Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Statistics

Jordan Tirrell

Visiting Lecturer in Mathematics


George Cobb

Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and Statistics

Alan H. Durfee

Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

Alan Durfee specializes in topology and algebraic geometry.

James Morrow

Lecturer Emeritus of Mathematics and Statistics

James Morrow specializes in Mathematics education.

Harriet Pollatsek

Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

Harriet Pollatsek specializes in finite groups and finite geometries, difference sets, and quantum error correction.

Lester Senechal

Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

Robert Weaver

Professor Emeritus of Mathematics and Computer Science


Lindsay Woloszyn

Department Coordinator