The Mathematics Major and Minor

 The Mathematics Major

Math majors do everything and anything. Each year some students enter graduate programs in the mathematical sciences or in allied fields (engineering, business, economics, physics, operations research). Some go on to medical school, law school, and other professional schools. Others begin careers in schools, banks, and other financial institutions, software companies, insurance companies, and research laboratories. 

The major in mathematics requires a minimum of 32 credits, of which 20 must be at the 300 level. Courses include calculus, linear algebra, mathematical experimentation, real analysis, abstract algebra, and electives. Detailed information on required credits and courses for the major and the minor can be found in the Mathematics chapter of the course catalog.

The Mathematics Minor

The minors in mathematics and statistics consist of 16 credits at the 200 level or higher. For more information, see the Mathematics and Statistics chapters of the course catalog.