Chaucer's Stories and Storytellers

Nun's Priest's Tale
Second Nun's Tale
The Knight from the Ellesmere Manuscript


Chaucer Web Sites:  
Harvard Geoffrey Chaucer Site Contains Sections On: Life of Chaucer, Chronology, Canterbury Tales, Bibliography, Pilgrimage, etc.
Geoffrey Chaucer Works of Geoffrey Chaucer (site has many images that are categorized by each Tale)
Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales Traditions and Interpretations: Text and Image
Chaucer Scriptorium A Great Compilation of Resources for the Study of Chaucer and the Middle Ages
Chaucer & Medieval Studies Links Related to Chaucer & Medieval Studies
Internet Resources for the Study of Chaucer Bibliographies, Texts, and other Sources that pertain to Chaucer and the Canterbury Tales
Libraries & Manuscripts:  
Bodleian Library Early Manuscripts at Oxford University, Digital Facsimiles
Bodleian Library On-Line Catalogues of Western Manuscripts
Manuscript of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales Digital Facsimile of Canterbury Tales, London(?), early 15th century
Morgan Library, NY Morgan Library Collections & Highlights
Morgan Library -- Chaucer Morgan Library Search Results for Chaucer
Digital Scriptorium Digital Facsimiles of Different Chaucer Manuscripts
British Library, London British Library Search Results for Chaucer
The British Library Copies Caxton's Canterbury Tales
Bibliotheque National de France, Paris Homepage
Bibliotheque National Chaucer Search Documents & Texts (type "Chaucer" into search screen for listing of owned manuscripts)
19th century Chaucer Prints William Morris, Typographic Exemplars
MHC Image Resources:  
Digital Collections - Chaucer Mount Holyoke College Digital Collections Online Search: Chaucer
ArtStor Homepage for Digital Image Resources
Medieval Sourcebooks & Sites:  
Chaucer Metapage Other Medieval Sites of Particular Interest
Guy of Warwick Series of Collected Images Pertaining to the Story of Guy of Warwick
Auchinleck Manuscript Produced in London in the 1330s, provides a unique insight into the English language and literature that Chaucer and his generation grew up with and were influenced by.
WordHoard An Application for the Close Reading and Scholarly Analysis of Deeply Tagged Texts
A Glossarial DataBase of Middle English Data Base for Canterbury Tales
International Medieval Bibliography Under "access" click on "connect to international medieval bibliography" and the "enter database"
Medieval England Additional Resources: History & Literature, Middle Engliah, Mauscripts & Illumination, Medieval Art, etc.
Internet Medieval Sourcebook Contains Selected Sources, Full Text Sources, and Sources on Saints' Lives

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