Nikon TE2000 fluorescence microscope

The Nikon TE2000 inverted microscope is equipped for brightfield, phase, DIC and fluorescence optics and low light imaging with a Roper Scientific Coolsnap HQ camera, Ludl filter wheels, shutters and Z drive.


  • Objective lenses
    • 4X Plan apochromat 0.2 NA
    • 10X Plan Fluor (phase) 0.30 NA
    • 40X Plan Fluor (phase, DIC) 0.75 NA
    • 40X LWD (phase) 0.55 NA
    • 60X Plan Apochromat (DIC) 1.40 NA oil
    • 100X Plan Fluor (DIC) 1.3NA ¬†oil
  • Fluorescence filters
    • DAPI, FITC/GFP, TRITC, Cy5, Fura2, mCherry
  • Software
    • Nikon Elements AR with extended depth of focus module
    • MetaVue image capture and analysis (available on separate computer)
    • AutoQuant deconvolution (available on separate computer)