Quanta 200 SEM

The FEI Quanta 200 SEM operates in three vacuum modes: conventional high vacuum, low vacuum and environmental mode.  In conventional high vacuum mode hard, dry conductive samples or samples sputter coated in gold can be imaged.  In low vacuum mode samples need not be conductive but should be relatively dry.  This means that little preparation is needed for many biological samples, and metal coating is not necessary.  In ESEM mode the use of a Peltier-cooled stage allows complete control of the relative humidity in the sample chamber and it is possible to condense water onto the specimen.  Certain specimens can be imaged live.



  • Tungsten filament 
  • Secondary electron images
  • Backscattered electron images
  • Mixed signal images

X-ray microanalysis

  • EDAX Genesis
  • Silicon Lithium detector