The following is the complete information and schedule for Individual Performance Study and all MHC Music Ensembles. Please select an audition time using the appropriate sign-up sheet.

Individual Performance Study

Sign-up sheet below:

  • Voice Auditions - Wednesday, September 4 from 2-5 pm in Pratt-209
  • Piano Auditions - Friday, September 6, 1-4 pm in Pratt-211
  • Flute Auditions - By appointment with Adrianne Greenbaum (students interested in Orchestra auditions should sign up for the Orchestra page).
  • For orchestral instruments, please see the orchestra section of this page.
  • For all other instruments, please contact the instructor directly.

More information about Performance Studies.

Chamber Music

Students interested in taking chamber music should complete the Chamber Music Form online.

At the end of the first week, the department will determine which chamber music groups can be formed, and contact all students who have signed up for chamber music with information regarding their assigned chamber music group, and the professor that they will be studying with.

Choral Ensembles

Auditions for placement into the Mount Holyoke College Choral Ensembles take place during the first week of classes in Dr. Council’s office, Pratt 302.

Select Your Audition Time

Please note: anyone wishing to be considered for placement into Glee Club and/or Chamber Singers should sign up for a time on TUESDAY or WEDNESDAY if possible until all slots are filled. Those who are only interested in joining Chorale may sign up for an audition time on any of the audition days.

The audition times are as follows:
Tuesday, September 3: 2-4 pm & 7-10 pm (All choirs)
Wednesday, September 4: 1:30-4 pm & 7-10 pm (All choirs)
Thursday, September 5: 2-5 pm (Chorale only)
Friday, September 6: 1-4 pm (Chorale only)

You will be notified of your placement in either Glee Club or Chorale via email after all of the auditions have been heard on Friday, at which time you will be given permission to register in MyMountHolyoke. Singers who have been selected for a callback audition for Chamber Singers will be notified on Friday evening via email.

Chamber Singers Callback Audition
The Chamber Singers callback audition (by invitation only) will take place Sunday, September 8, from 1-3 pm in McCulloch Auditorium in Pratt. The results of this audition will be posted and emailed Sunday night. Please prepare measures 1-36 of “Duo Seraphim” by Tomas Luis de Victoria before the callback. This should be prepared on a neutral syllable such as “doo” or “dee” at half note = 60 bpm.


What should I expect in my audition?
This audition is a chance for Dr. Council to meet you and decide which choral ensemble is best suited to you at this time. First, you will be led through a series of vocal exercises, and then you will be asked to sing a familiar tune or song selection unaccompanied. Dr. Council will evaluate your range, tone quality, intonation, and musicality. Those wishing to be considered for all three choirs will then be asked to complete short exercises demonstrating tonal memory, rhythmic and melodic sight-singing ability. Music reading is NOT a requirement to join the MHC Choral Forces!

Where is Pratt 302 (Dr. Council’s Office)?
As you enter the front double doors of Pratt Hall, take the stairs (or elevator) on your right to the next floor up. Her office is down the short hallway on the right.

When should I arrive?
Please arrive 10 minutes before your audition time. It is recommended that you warm up on your own before the audition. You will be given a form to fill out upon arrival.

What should I prepare for the audition?
If you are only auditioning for Chorale, please choose one of the following familiar tunes (or something similar): “Happy Birthday,” “Row, row, row your boat,” “My Country ‘tis of Thee,” or “Amazing Grace.”

If you are auditioning to be considered for Glee Club and/or Chamber Singers, you may choose one of the familiar tunes listed above or 60-90 seconds of an art song, folk song, or aria (to be sung unaccompanied) which you feel best demonstrates your vocal quality, breath support, phrasing, and musicality. Please, no pop songs for this audition. Art songs in languages other than English are welcome, but not required.

What if I've never sung in a choir before?
That's perfectly okay! Choral auditions are for placement in the ensemble(s) that will best suit you. E-mail choral director Dr. Council with any questions.

Jazz Ensembles

Select Your Audition Time

All Auditions:
Wednesday, September 4, 1-5 pm
Thursday, September 5, 1-5 pm and 7-9 pm
Sunday, September 8, 8-9:30 pm
in Pratt Room 202 or by appointment with Mark Gionfriddo.


If you are auditioning for orchestra for the first time please enter your information into the contact/experience information online form. Please email Tian Hui Ng if you cannot make any of the listed audition times, if you would like to schedule an audition time for Spring Semester. Please review the audition details to prepare for your audition.

Spring Semester Auditions

The orchestra listens to much fewer auditions in the Spring term because members who are admitted in the Fall do not need to re-audition. Please email Tian Hui Ng if you are interested in auditioning.

Students interested in auditions/interviews for private performance study should contact the instructor of the instrument directly.

Early Music

Sign up for Fall Auditions - Wednesday September 4 from 1-3:40 pm in Pratt-210.

  • For Collegium, Voces Feminae, Baroque Band, Medieval Ensemble and viol, lute, recorder and Renaissance winds.
  • For singers, string players and all who wish to learn an early instrument or have some experience already. Don’t worry if you have no experience- we can find a place for you! For further information, visit or contact Robert Eisenstein:
  • Flute Private Performance Auditions, contact Adrianne Greenbaum:

Flute Choir

Auditions take place after the first class meeting/rehearsal. For more information, contact Alison Hale.

KlezMova OrKestra — the MHC Klezmer band

Auditions take place after the first class meeting/rehearsal. For more information, contact Adrianne Greenbaum.