Each spring, the Music faculty nominate individual students for the following awards:

  • Dorothy Chancellor Currey Scholarships
    For music majors or minors who demonstrate excellence in music.
  • Helen Blyth Hazen Music Prize I
    To the outstanding senior who began their serious study of music at Mount Holyoke.
  • Helen Blyth Hazen Music Prize II
    To the outstanding senior whose excellent work in the department reflects the integration of music history, theory and performance.
  • Music Department Prize
    To the outstanding student of music in the junior class.
  • Michèle Scanlon Prize
    To the outstanding senior whose successful effort creates a career path, combining music studies with work in other disciplines. 
  • Irving R.Eisley Prize
    To a senior who excels in writing about music.

In addition, students may apply to audition each spring for the Concerto Competition.