Choral Auditions, Fall Semester 2015

Audition Instructions:

Sign up for an Audition Time.

Auditions are held in Stephanie Council's office, Pratt 302, and take less than 15 minutes--short and painless! After hearing you sing, you will be placed into one of our wonderful choirs. Audition results will be posted and e-mailed soon after the auditions.


  • Where is Pratt 302 (Stephanie's Office)?
    As you enter the front double doors of Pratt Hall, take the staircase (or elevator) on your right to the next floor up. Her office is down the short door on the right
  • When should I arrive?
    Please arrive 5-10 minutes before the time slot you sign up for, as there is a form for you to fill out.
  • What do I have to prepare for the audition?
    A short song selection of any genre that you feel best features your voice. Classical, pop, musical theater, a folk song, a hymn or spiritual, or even "Happy Birthday"!
  • What if I've never sung in a choir before?
    That's perfectly okay! Choral auditions are for placement in the ensemble(s) that will best suit you. You are guaranteed a spot, even if you have never sung before or cannot read music.

Good luck, and have fun! E-mail choral director Stephanie Council with any questions.