Chorale and Glee Club are active student organizations as well as academic courses, and each has a board of dedicated students who help keep things running smoothly.

The board members of Chorale and Glee Club are elected in the fall semester of each year. Every member of the ensemble is welcome to nominate herself or someone else for a board position. First year students are especially encouraged to run for a position on board. It's a great way to get to know your fellow singers and give back to your ensemble!

The "Fab Five" consists of the President, Manager, Treasurer, and the Soprano and Alto Secretaries of Chorale, and the "Core Four" consists of the President, Business Manager, Treasurer, and Eliminator of Confusion of Glee Club. They are elected at the end of the spring semester each year and inaugurated before the next school year. These head board members work closely with the conductor throughout the year and form the backbone of the Chorale and Glee Club board.