Glee Club Board 2012-2013

President | Business Manager | Treasurer | Eliminator of Confusion | Assistant Business Manager | Audio Coordinator | Attendance Secretary | Fundraising Chair | Historian | Publicity Chair | SGA Senator | Social Chair | Webmistress

Eleni Karagiannis '13 (

  • Oversees the other officers
  • Runs weekly board meetings
  • Acts as a liaison between the ensemble and conductor

Business Manager
Julianne Levin '13 (

  • In charge of concert logistics, stage crew, and ushers
  • Helps plan and coordinate the end-of-year Choral Banquet
  • Assists the President with anything that is needed

Elena Eimert '15 (

  • Responsible for Glee Club's SGA account
  • Collects dues from Glee Club members
  • In charge of Glee Club's budget and bookkeeping

Eliminator of Confusion
Sarah Jane White '15 (

  • Distributes Glee Club dresses at the beginning of the year and checks that everyone has proper concert attire
  • Assists with concert logistics and distributes candles at Vespers
  • Keeps the "E Bag" stocked with supplies to handle small emergencies during concerts

Assistant Business Manager
Kat Meyer '15 (

  • Takes minutes at board meetings
  • Helps organize concert logistics and stage crew
  • Assists the Business Manager with anything that is needed

Audio Coordinator
Shreya Padmanabhan '15 (

  • Takes CD orders from Glee Club members before each concert
  • Orders recorded concert CDs from LeGrandice Audio
  • In charge of all CD distribution and sales

Attendance Secretary
Linda Xu '16 (

  • Arrives to rehearsal at least 10-15 minutes early to take attendance
  • Turns in attendance records to the conductor at the end of each semester
  • Assists the other board members wherever help is needed

Fundraising Chair
Erin Murphy '15 (

  • Coordinates and supervises fundraising events
  • Gets volunteers from the ensemble to help at fundraising events
  • Acquires necessary materials for fundraising events

Izzy Bisese '15 (

  • Takes photos at Glee Club events throughout the semester
  • Collects photos from other members of Glee Club
  • Assembles a scrapbook and slideshow to be shown at the end-of-year Choral Banquet

Publicity Chair
Mary Pinkes '15 (

  • Helps design posters for concerts and other events
  • Sends press releases to radio stations and newspapers to promote choral events
  • Uses social networking sites such as Facebook to promote choral events

SGA Senator
Catie Rowley '13 (

  • Attends weekly SGA senate meetings
  • Gives Glee Club a voice in the SGA senate
  • Keeps the Glee Club board informed of student government concerns

Social Chair
Rose Levenson '16 (

  • Comes up with ideas for social events
  • Coordinates and supervises social events
  • Works with Chorale's social chair to plan joint social events and promote camaraderie between the ensembles

Marcy Rattner '13 (

  • Keeps the choral website up-to-date with concert schedule and other news
  • Maintains the choral ensembles' Internet-hosted media such as photos, programs, recordings, and the Choral Blog
  • Updates the board and repertoire pages on the choral website