Glee Club Board

Treasurer | Business Manager |

Logistics Coordinator | Secretary | Social Chair | 

Fundraising Chair | SGA Senator

Linda Xu '16 (

  • Manages the Glee Club SGA account, including budgeting, making transactions, bookkeeping, and preparing for semester audits
  • Coordinates with external bodies to secure and efficiently allocate funds
  • Oversees the overall financial health of the Glee Club

Business Manager
Maddie Lindsey '16 (

  • Acts as liaison between Mount Holyoke Glee Club and external bodies, including other colleges and recording companies
  • Promotes concerts and other events through various avenues of communication
  • Keeps website and other social platforms up-to-date

Logistics Coordinator
Maya Urbschat '16 (

  • Responsible for concert logistics, stage crew, and ushers
  • Distributes dresses to and ensures proper concert attire of members
  • Compiles and maintains a concert E-bag throughout the year

Blair-Alexandria Cobb '15 (

  • Takes minutes during board meetings and distributes minutes to the board afterwards in a timely manner
  • Arrives at least 10 minutes early to take attendance at rehearsals, dress rehearsals, concerts, and tours
  • Turns records of attendance in to the Choral Assistant at the end of each semester

Social Chair

Madison Walters '19 (

  • Coordinates and supervises social events, including recruiting volunteers, communicating with Student Programs and other offices on and off campus
  • Cooridnates with Chorale to execute the annual Choral Banquet
  • Obtains photos of Mount Holyoke Glee Club in order to compile a year-end scrapbook

Fundraising Chair
Mackenzie Stratton '17 (

  • Collects dues
  • Coordinates and supervises fundraising events, including recruiting volunteers, procuring the cashbox, and communicating with Student Programs and other offices on and off campus

SGA Senator
Char White '17 (

  • Attends weekly Senate meetings, bringing up Glee Club concerns and reporting back during board meetings when necessary