The Classroom Experience

The Music curriculum is designed for students with a broad range of interests, backgrounds, and career goals. The integration of creating, performing, and thinking about music fosters musical fluency across multiple styles and cultural contexts. Students can choose to complete a major or minor in music, and may also wish to pursue a Five College Certificate in Ethnomusicology. You can find more information about major/minor requirements and selecting courses on our website. For up-to-date course information, please see our page in the course catalog.

Music and Childhood in the Western Tradition (Music 371)
(Music 371): Explore a range of case studies in the history of children as creators, performers, consumers, and subjects of music in the Western tradition.
Acoustic Ecology and Sonic Art (Music-203)
The broad interdisciplinary fields of Acoustic Ecology and Sonic Art explore how we create, interpret and interact with the sounds around us.
Music and Childhood in the Western Tradition course profile
Experience first-hand the ways the mind processes, and creates, art and music.