Fall Courses 2015

100-01  Rudiments of Music: MWF 9:00-9:50
Larry Schipull
In this half-semester course students will become familiar with the elements of music notation (staves, clefs, pitch names, note and rest values) and with some of the basic skills necessary for college-level music instruction (e.g., construction and identification of scales, intervals, triads, and basic diatonic functions). Meets for only the first half of each semester.

131-01  Basic Musicianship: MTWThF 9:00-9:50
Larry Schipull

136-01 Adventures in Music
:  TuTh 11:30-12:45
Ng Tian Hui

220-01  Music and Film:  TuTh11:30-12:45
David Sanford

232-01  Theory II:  MTuWThF 10-10:50am
David Sanford

242-01  Conducting I:  TTh 2:45-4:00pm
Lindsay Pope

281-01  History I:  T/Th 11:30-12:45
Adeline Mueller

321-01  Advanced Interdisciplinary Topics: Art, Music and the Brain  M 1:15-4:05

S. Barry/Linda Laderach

371-01  Topics in Music: Music and Childhood in the Western Tradition  TTh 1:15-2:30
Adeline Mueller
This course examines significant moments in the history of children as creators, performers, consumers, and subjects of music in the Western tradition. From Mozart to Michael Jackson, medieval psalmody to Debussy’s Children’s Corner and beyond, we will survey the enlisting of children, childhood, and the childlike across a range of musical genres and pedagogical, aesthetic, and cultural-political agendas. For their final project, students may work with a historical artifact of children’s musical culture, or research a local children’s music program or ensemble.  4 credits.  Meets Humanities requirement.  Prerequisites: Music 232 & 282 or permission of instructor.