Fall Courses 2015

100-01  Rudiments of Music: MWF 9:00-9:50
Larry Schipull
In this half-semester course students will become familiar with the elements of music notation (staves, clefs, pitch names, note and rest values) and with some of the basic skills necessary for college-level music instruction (e.g., construction and identification of scales, intervals, triads, and basic diatonic functions). Meets for only the first half of each semester.

131-01  Basic Musicianship: MTWThF 9:00-9:50
Larry Schipull

136-01 Adventures in Music
:  TuTh 11:30-12:45
Ng Tian Hui

220-01  Music and Film:  TuTh11:30-12:45
David Sanford

232-01  Theory II:  MTuWThF 10-10:50am
David Sanford

242-01  Conducting I:  TTh 2:45-4:00pm
Lindsay Pope

281-01  History I:  MW 1:15-2:30
The department

321 - Advanced Interdisciplinary Topics: M 1:15-4:05
Art, Music and the Brain
S. Barry/Linda Laderach

371 - Topics in Music: MW 1:15-2:30
Analytical Perspectives in World Music
Bode Omojola